Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I pay for my child's school meals?

    • Student prepaid accounts are activated when a deposit is made. The deposit can be made in any denomination. Cash or check deposits are made in the school kitchen. Personal checks must be imprinted with name and address. Online deposits can be made on the My Payments Plus website:  Contact your bank or credit union about direct deposits into your child's prepaid account daily cash/check payments.
    • If you have completed a Free or Reduced Meal application and your family financially qualifies your children may be eligible for free or reduced price meals. Applications are available in your school office, kitchen or online.
    What is a student prepaid account?
    • Student prepaid accounts are activated when a deposit is made. The deposit can be made in any denomination.
    • The balance is reduced as purchases are made. Students are reminded by the kitchen cashiers when their balance is getting low.
    • If the account is empty, elementary students are allowed to charge up to three meals. Middle school and high school students are not allowed to charge purchases.
    • A courtesy meal is served when a child has exceeded the maximum number of allowable charges. A courtesy meal consists of a PBJ or cheese sandwich, fruit, veggie and milk.
    How do I deposit money into a student prepaid account?
    • Send a check to your child's school kitchen with your student's ID number or name written in the memo line. Personal checks must be imprinted with name and address.
    • Set up an online bill pay account with your credit union or bank to pay for your student's meals. This method may take two weeks from the time you approve the transaction to the time the money is credited to your child's account.
    • My Payments Plus: Pay online using your credit card, debit card or checking account for a nominal convenience fee. Visit for details about the program. This method provides funds to your child's account within two days of the deposit.

    How do I set up a credit union or bank online bill pay option?

    • Work with your bank or credit union to set Food & Nutrition Services as a payee. To correctly credit your child's account your child's name and student ID number MUST be printed on the online bill pay check or check stub.

                       Payee name and address:
                         Everett Public Schools, Food & Nutrition Services
                         3900 Broadway
                         Everett, WA 98201
                      Payee account number: Student ID number
                      Payee phone number: 425-385-4380
                      Memorandum: Student first and last name, ID number

    • Deposits are made in the Food & Nutrition Central Office into your child's account. If you have multiple children set up an online bill pay account for each child.

    What is free/reduced application and how do I get one?

    • USDA funds meals for children from families whose income qualifies them for free or reduced meals. Student meal status is confidentially kept by the school kitchen staff.
    • Families must complete one application per family every year. Completed applications are turned into the youngest child's school kitchen. Applications are processed as quickly as possible and families are notified by phone or mail when a qualification determination has been made. Applications are available in the school office, school kitchen or online.

    What is My Payments Plus and how do I utilize it?

    • My Payments Plus is an online payment system that allows parents several conveniences. Once a My Payments Plus account is set up parents are able to:

                   View their child's account balance at no charge.
                   View their child's account purchase history at no charge.
                   Set up low balance notifications to be emailed to you.
                   Make credit card or debit card deposits into their child's account, for a small fee.

    • The website:
    • There is also a free app available for Apple and Android users.
    • For technical assistance please contact My Payments Plus at 1-877-237-0946

    How do I request a refund?

    You may request a refund at any point during the year. Please fill out the Refund Request Form or contact the Food & Nutrition Office at 425-385-4380.

    What happens to money left in my student's account at the end of the school year?

    All balances follow your student to the next grade and next school within Everett Public Schools. 

    How do I repay a NSF check? 

    We only accept cash to repay any NFS check returned by the bank.