Children with Life-Threatening Health Conditions

  • Does your child have a life threatening health condition such as a severe food allergy, bee sting allergy, asthma, diabetes, seizures or a cardiac condition? If so, it is important that you communicate this vital information to school personnel on the Everett School student Annual Health History Form in the registration packet as soon as possible.

    Washington State law helps your child’s school provide for the safety and health of children with life threatening conditions. A "life-threatening condition" is defined as a health condition that will put the child in danger of death during the school day if a medication or treatment order and a nursing plan are not in place. The following is a list of requirements that a child with a life-threatening health condition must have in place before they can attend school:                           

                  1. A completed Medication Authorization Request/Order Form form signed by

                      the child's LHCP, and/or 

                  2. A completed Treatment Authorization/Order Form, and 

                  3. A nursing care plan.

    If the necessary medication, treatment orders and equipment are not provided, the chief administrator of the school is required to exclude the child until the orders, medications, and equipment have been provided. This requirement applies to all students with a life-threatening condition. Our exclusion procedures are in accordance with the rules (WACs) of the State Board of Education.

    Required forms are available in the school office and on the Everett Public School District website.

    If you have any questions, please contact your child’s school and ask for the school nurse.