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     UPDATE Below:


    Hello DK Families,
    I hope that you are enjoying your time together. I appreciate your patience as we navigate this difficult time. I have continued to learn from the district how to best support and promote meaningful activities to reinforce or extend the current learning of our young learners.  
    That in mind, I have created a Google Classroom! This Google Classroom allows for easier access to weekly updates regarding new resources I will be uploading and other features I am still learning about.
    That being said, there will be changes in the content on my district website. 
    These changes include:
    ~ I will be streamlining some of the content from my District Website to the Google Classroom. 
    ~There will be updated links to both Ms. Karen (OT/PT specialist) and Ms. Kristen (Speech/Language specialist)
    ~Links to Tambark Creek Specialist (Music, P.E., Library, ART, STEM). 
    Below is our Google Classroom Code and I have attached instruction for joining Google Classroom
    Classroom code: en6e7ca

    Remind App Update:

    I sent a link to families emails. If I missed your email, I may have an outdated email from your contact information. If that is the case. Below are directions to connect with me through the Remind App. 

    Follow this link: To sign up for Developmental Kindergarten notifications, please visit
    https://www.remind.com/join/cbursey       Or             Send a Text Message to: 81010 with message: @cbursey


     Contact Hours:

     I will be generally available all day from 830-3:30 Monday through Friday.  Please reach out individually via email at Cbursey@everettsd.org