•  Our goal is to not replicate classroom instruction, but to maintain skills and promote meaningful activities to reinforce or extend current learning per district policy. I appreciate your patience as we navigate this difficult time.  

    Below is a link that the district has provided with some activities that you can do at home with your child. 

    At Home Learning

    * Please refer to the Transition K tab, as well as the Special Programs tab.  

    These are trying times for everyone involved:

    Students: Distance learning is not an ideal learning environment for young students. Students will try their best and interact with provided activities listed in a daily developmental kindergarten schedule, or material/resources provided this website well as district provided At Home Learning options.

    Parents:  Try your best to support your child with their learning during this time. I will try my best to provide you as much support and guidance as possible. Please be patient with you child. This is hard on everyone. Lastly, please provide a much routine as possible to your child.

    Teacher: I will try my best to provide as much guidance as I can to you and your child. I will be providing materials and resources as often and much as I can. I am here for all your questions/concerns.  Above all be patient as this is new for everyone, and we are all learning to find what will work best.