• Let's Connect Everett Public Schools North Region Let’s Connect – Barriers to remote learning

    Families, we invite you to connect with our school’s regional superintendent, Dr. Jeanne Willard and other district leaders on September 21 from 5-6 p.m. We want to engage in conversation about remote learning and ask you to provide feedback to help us improve. We want to hear from you and hope you can attend a zoom meeting to share your thoughts. Click to register and get a link to join the event. Let’s Connect!

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  • canvas Click here to go to class.

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  • Breakfast and Lunch

    Breakfast and lunch is available to all kids 18 and under. Orders to be placed by noon on Mondays and will be available on Wednesdays 8-9 and 11-12:45. The kit will include 5 breakfasts and lunches. For more info and to order visit: Meal Service.  Informacion en espanol aqui.

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  • Important Announcement, School Uniforms - Anuncio importante de uniformes escolares

    This is a reminder that all Hawthorne students will begin the school year learning from home on September 9th.  Since students will not be in the building, school uniforms will not be required and will not be distributed at this time.  Once we are allowed to have students start coming back into the school, more information will be given out about school uniform distribution and requirements.


    Este es un recordatorio de que todos los estudiantes de Hawthorne comenzarán el año escolar aprendiendo desde casa el 9 de septiembre. Dado que los estudiantes no estarán en el edificio, no se requerirán uniformes escolares y no se distribuirán en este momento. Una vez que se nos permita que los estudiantes comiencen a regresar a la escuela, se dará más información sobre la distribución y los requisitos del uniforme escolar.

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  • Cell Phone Policy

    The use of cell phones in the classroom can distract students from instruction, yet can be important to have accessible in case of emergency. With this in mind, the district has adopted a new policy 3246 and procedure 3246P which prohibits cell phone use in the classroom while still providing access for students in case of emergency.


    Elementary school students who choose to bring cell phones to school may only use them before or after the school day. During the school day, they must be powered off and stored (e.g., in the student’s backpack, locker, other district provided storage). There will be storage in the classroom so, in the event of an emergency, the cell phones will be accessible without leaving the classroom.


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