• Lunch:

    The students will eat lunch together at a table everyday in the cafeteria. Parents are welcome to come have lunch with their students, but be sure to sign in at the office first and fill out the volunteer paperwork ahead of time.

    cafeteria tray The school hot-lunch menu is sent home at the beginning of each month for students would like to buy lunch. Students can choose from the daily special, build a sandwich, or get the yogurt combo. All meals include fruit, vegetables and milk. The price for a student lunch is $2.75.

    To help prevent lost money and make our morning routines quicker, I strongly encourage parents to pay in advance online or send a check made payable to Everett Public Schools (write student first and last name in the memo line) to load lunch accounts if buying lunch. This allows students to quickly type in their lunch number and get their lunch quickly without the extra time or hassle of dealing with lunch money. The online payment option is really easy and has features that offer: cafeteria balances, purchase history and low balance e-mail reminders. Go to to prepay online.

    *If you do decide to send your student with cash for lunch money please put it in a sealed envelope or Ziplock bag with their first and last name labeled on it. There is nothing worse than lost lunch money!

    If your student comes home with a red $ stamp on their hand, it means that their lunch account is empty or is about to be empty.  

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