• See Calendar for updates
    The Calendar has been updated for the Fall 2023 Season with Practice Schedule
    Here is the email sent 8/19.23 with the updates to the information sent previously.

    Good morning, Everyone,

    With Band Camp starting Monday there are a couple changes to the schedule. Due to the continued construction on the building band camp times will change from 9 AM to 4 PM for all of camp August 21 – 29, 2023.

    We will meet for check in in front of the gym and will all meet in the upper East Gym to start Monday morning.  Your section leaders will be there looking for everyone and bring you to the right place.

    Please remember to bring your Permission slip all filled out Monday morning you also need to bring a sack lunch there will be no leaving campus for lunch.

    The sectional leaders and staff had a great day yesterday going over details for the year. We are all super excited as you should be too.

    Please see the previous email from August 6 for the other details just times have changed as all, and we will be monitoring the Air Quality over the next week and have plans in place if it should cause problems like last year.

    See you all soon!!!!

    Mr. Staley