The Good War template (pre-write)

    The Good War template (modified for IEP, 504 w/writing accommodations)
    US History covers Reconstruction to 9-11.  The one credit earned in our year long course satisfies the graduation requirement.  Our units of study are as follows.  For a complete syllabus, click here:  Syllabus 2018-2019

    Unit number /  corresponding topic(s)in the text




    Unit I: Topic 1


    Unit II:  Topics 2, 3

    The Gilded Age & Westward Expansion

    Unit III:  Topic 4

    Progressivism and Imperialism

    Unit IV:  Topic 5

    World War I and the 1920s

    Unit V: Topic 6

    Great Depression and New Deal


    Unit VI: Topic 7

    World War II

    Unit VII:  Topic 8

    The Cold War and Postwar America

    Unit VIII:  Topics 9, 11

    Civil Rights and Reform Movements of the 1960s

    Unit IX:  Topic 10

    Vietnam War Era

    Unit X:  Topics 11, 12


    Unit XI:  Topic 13

    9/11 and the present