• Your child’s classroom experience will be as successful and productive as the energy and commitment that goes into it. I truly consider parents as my partners! Thank you in advance for your assistance!

    You may volunteer time in the classroom, help out occasionally on field trips, plan class parties, be a WATCH DOG, or come in and introduce special skills or talents with us. I encourage you to attend as many school events as possible and truly look forward to working with each of you.   Please remember, a current and verified  Volunteer Form is required! 

    What YOU can do at home to help your child learn!

    • Start each day right; a calm beginning at home makes the school day so much better.
    • Encourage your child to have a healthy breakfast, snack and lunch.
    • Try to have your child sleep at least eight (8) hours each night.
    • Praise your child each day for something he or she has done.
    • Listen attentively to what your child shares about their school experiences. Laugh and talk too!
    • Stress attendance. If your child is ill, home is the best place, otherwise your child needs to take advantage of every school day.
    • Keep the lines of communication open between yourself and ME! If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call or email.
    • Please inform me of any family situations that could influence your child's behavior. (death of a pet, new baby, extended business trip, etc.)
    • Take your child to the library and encourage reading for pleasure.
    • Stress organization of school notebook, materials, etc.
    • Provide pencils, glue, scissors, paper, etc. for your child to use.
    • Be positive! Point out his or her strengths before discussing areas of improvement.
    • Balance extracurriculuar activities and recognize that PLAY is important too! 
  • Classroom Goals 

    • To spark curiosity and creativity
    • Emphasize Life-Long Learning
    • Develop Organization Skills
    • Make new friends
    • Support each other
    • Have FUN!

    Student Expectations

    • Strong work habits and effort
    • Responsible behavior
    • Positive Attitude
    • Mutual Respect
    • A move toward independence-decision making, goal setting, time management, etc.



  • Curriculum

    Our class will be guided by “inquiry,” which is defined as a search for knowledge. My personal goal: to move students from their current level of understanding to a new and deeper level. I encourage curiosity and lessons are developed in ways that allow students to think, wonder, ask questions and make connections between classroom learning and life outside of school. I will go over general academic flow at Curriculum Night held in September. 

  • Homework

    We work hard and efficiently in the classroom each day.My goal is for students to leave my classroom loving school, not dreading homework! I am aware of the busy lives you and your family lead and would like to make homework as convenient and as productive as possible!


    • To practice and reinforce learning from lessons taught in class
    • To complete long term projects or unfinished school assignments
    • To learn to manage and organize time
    • To develop good study habits which will prepare students for their future school careers


    • Homework is taken seriously with quality effort
    • Time spent on homework is approximately 45 minutes to one hour four nights a week (FREE Fridays)
    • Students are to read nightly for established independent reading goals. 
    • “Always show your work!” in math
    • “Always write in complete sentences!”
    • Homework is to be completed by students (with parent review)
    • Homework is due on time.