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    As we navigate this uncertain time, please know that I will be checking my email daily.   I have provided some daily work online that your student should be able to access.  I have also sent home packets of work for two weeks and have another packet ready to go out next week as well.  PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF YOU DID NOT RECEIVE ONE!  kmullarky@everettsd.org   

    The packets include our daily routine of Word of the Day and CNN10.  They also include a weekly spelling packet, writing packet and math.  

    Online, the students can work on Khan Academy for math.  There are assignments that include work we have done for refreshing and a few new items that would be quite easy for them. 

    Students can also log into Language Live.  They each have a special password and I can forward that to you if they do not remember it.

    For Google Classroom:

    1.  Have the students go to the Everett Schools website.

    2.  Choose Students.

    3.  Choose Tools.

    4.  Choose Google Apps.

    5.  Choose Google Classroom.


    Students should spend 20 minutes per day reading.  WHY?

    Image result for why should kids read



    Each student should have books or magazines with them.  I will send more reading material with the next packet.  


    I have also included some resources for you and your student to try at home such as, doodling, yoga, meditation and so on.  I will update this as we move through this time and I find engaging things that would be interesting to your children.


    Take good care and I will update this as we move along.



    Kathryn Mullarky