Frequently Asked Questions

  • How are Birthdays celebrated in class? May I send in treats?

    Unless I hear differently from you, I will acknowledge your child’s birthday at school with a party at their desk! I give each student a birthday pencil, bookmark and sprinkle their desk with confetti. You may send in store bought or individually wrapped treats to celebrate. Donuts, cookies, bite sized cupcakes work best, along with napkins. Please no sheet cakes.  Drinks are acceptable provided they are "Juice Boxes".  We simply don't have time to pour/serve. I request that you be mindful of student allergies. Please No Nuts. Birthday celebrations will be held the last 10-15 minutes of the day- short and sweet! Please, make arrangements with me first!  Assemblies are scheduled at various times of the day and there are times throughout the year that I may be out of the classroom and have a guest teacher.Students who have a birthday in the summer may choose to celebrate their Half Birthdays. Please facilitate the passing out of invitations outside of school. 

    Can you please explain "Snack Time"? What is acceptable to send in?

    As we transition to Silent "Choice" Reading.  Students may "nibble" on a snack. Fruit, granola bars, cheese sticks, veggies, pretzels, dry cereal are typical tidbits.  This does not include candy, pop, caffeine drinks, or Flaming Hot Cheetos (or the like) that leave fingers and pages neon orange! This snack is not lunch so please keep it simple. Due to allergies, students are not to share snacks.

    We are taking a family vacation soon, can you please provide my child with the classwork he/she will miss while we are away? 

    First of all, please connect with the office for this type of extended absence. Secondly- this depends on many factors.  

    On a daily basis, students are involved with class discussions, group work, paired activities, projects, performances... Further, lesson plans are adjusted from day to day depending on the needs of the class. For example, a lesson on fractions that I think will take two class sessions may end up taking three or four math sessions. Therefore it is hard to predict exactly which lessons a student will miss. In class, I will collect daily work assignments and establish a time line for students to complete work upon return.  It is the student's responsibility to connect with me so that we can go over expectations and answer questions for clarity. Additionally, ANY long term projects that were pre-assigned and due while students are on vacation are expected PRIOR to vacation. To keep literacy juices flowing, I  ask students to create a lasting memento of their adventure and require they create a daily travel journal. I have a project sheet outlining expectations. Students are expected to share their trip with the class upon return. 

    What do I do if my child is feeling ill or will be absent from school?

    If a student is out due to illness, GET WELL FIRST! It is my request to conference with the student upon return, as often what we do in class involves dialogue, examples, labs etc., and is hard to replicate.  When absent due to illness, I grant 1 week to complete missed work, otherwise work is due the following school day.  I will  collect all assignments and place in an "Absent Folder" with your child's name on it.  Students who are absent are encouraged to review the daily planner, check with a peer for directions or other missed learning.  Additionally, I  stay in afternoon recess and this is a time for students to "connect" with me! Please keep me in the loop! I have kids, I know how this goes! 

    I have a question or a concern that is not listed, what should I do?

    Please, never hesitate to contact me.  An email does the job in most cases, but know that I'm also open to scheduling a conference (in person or phone) at any time in the school year.