3rd Grade Repertoire

  • March/April Repertoire

    Posted by Jacob Finkle on 5/15/2016
    • One Bottle of Pop
      • Students practiced this three part round in preparation for a concert
    • Ring Around the Rosey
      • Students used this well know song to practice using the hand signs for "sol," "mi," "la,” and “do”
    • Great Big House
      • Students learned two different circle games to play with this song
      • Students used this song as an introduction to the note “re”
    • Hop Old Squirrel
      • Students learned a movement game to this song
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  • January/February Repertoire

    Posted by Jacob Finkle on 3/13/2016
    • Rocky Road to Dublin
      • Students watched a video of this song to help identify traditional Irish instruments
    • Sorida
      • Students played a game in which they linked a body part to each syllable of the text
      • Students learned about the note "do" with this song
    • Shorting’ Bread
      • Students sang this traditional American song
    • Dance Josey
      • Students learned a fun circle racing game to accompany this song
    • Who’s That
      • Students used this song as an introduction to half notes
    • My Owlet
      • Students sang this song using body signs for "sol," "mi," "la,” and “do”
    • We Shall Overcome
      • Students learned the history of this song and its use in the Civil Rights Movement
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  • November/December Repertoire

    Posted by Jacob Finkle on 1/9/2016
    • Big Fat Biscuit
      • Students learned a jumping contest game to accompany this song
    • Heigh Ho
      • Students learned how to sing a melody as a round or canon
      • Students learned to sing this song with an ostinato or repeating pattern accompaniment
    • Tideo
      • Students analyzed the rhythm of this piece to get better at identifying sixteenth notes
    • Sir Duke
      • Students listened to a choral and instrumental arrangement and discuss what instruments were featured
    • Rattlin’ Bog
      • Students sang along with an increasingly complex youtube video
    • Button You Must Wander
      • Students learned a circle game that included guessing who was singing while having your eyes closed to accompany this song
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  • September/October Repertoire

    Posted by Jacob Finkle on 10/27/2015

    Here is a list of the music learned by 3rd Grade in the first two months of school. When relevant, a description of what concepts were covered using each song is included.


    • One Bottle of Pop
      • Students sang in small groups to promote independence
      • Students learned how to sing a melody as a round or canon
    • Up the Ladder
      • Students used this chant to introduce themselves to the class
    • My Country 'Tis of Thee
    • Alabama Gal
      • Students learned a line dance to perform while singing this song
    • Rocky Mountain
      • Students accompanied their singing on claves with varying patterns
      • Students accompanied their singing on chimes with varying patterns
    • Lil' Liza Jane
      • Students learned a walking pattern to this song that made them aware of a peculiar rhythm
    • Little Sally Walker
      • Students used song to identify the notes "Sol," "Mi," and "La"
    • Autumn is the Time
      • Students used this song to practice singing in a round
      • Students accompanied their singing with a percussion arrangement of triangles, bell trees, ratchets, and vibraslaps
    • Bach's Toccata and Fugue in D Minor, Beethoven's Fifth Symphony, Saint-Saëns's La Danse Macabre, and others
      • Students listened to recordings and discussed what aspects of each composition led to it seeming scary
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