• Your Questions

    Posted by Michelle Cook on 2/23/2016

    What questions do you have about Animal Farm so far?

    Come up with two or three questions each week - these must be level 2 or 3. Post them here and I will choose a few to publish for further blog discussion.

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  • Introduction

    Posted by Michelle Cook on 2/19/2016

    Choose one of the following statements and, using RACE, explain WHY you agree or disagree with it (RA - include part of the statement in your first sentence and WHY you agree or disagree).  You need two pieces of supporting evidence (from books, movies, personal experience, historical or current events); you need to say where the details come from (CITE); then you need to EXPLAIN how each supports your reasoning of WHY you agree or disagree (answer from the first sentence).

    • All people are equal.
    • When power is given to a leader, it will be used for the good of all.
    • In any group, a social order will naturally develop.
    • Being part of a group is better than standing alone.
    • Most power lies in the hands of a few.
    • The harder you work, the greater the reward.    

    Homework:  Reply to someone else's comment, who wrote about a different topic than you did.  This will be a mini-RACE response in that you will explain first WHY you agree or disagree with his/her reasoning, and then provide only ONE piece of EVIDENCE with explanation to support your answer.  This will be due next Tuesday night (Jan. 31st).

    **Make sure you start the REPLY with the student's name you are replying to.



    I agree with you that...(address the reasoning) because...



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