English 1 at the middle school is an Honors class in the Advanced Pathways program.  Choosing this class sets students on the path to be able to take both AP Language and AP Literature during the Junior and Senior years of high school.  Therefore, students are expected to select their independent reading from the Pre-AP and/or Notable Works book lists (available on my website), which have been compiled by Jackson High School and Oviedo High School (Florida) teachers, respectively. Please know that if given a movie rating, many of these books would be PG-13, however not all of them.  These are simply lists of books of literary merit that students may reference on the AP Literature exam.  It is up to you, the parent/guardian, to determine if a book is appropriate for your student to be reading at home.  


    Pre-AP Book List - compiled by Jackson High School teachers
    Pre-AP Book List Condensed (with page lengths, hidden synopses, and noted Springboard recommendations)
    Notable Works Book List- compiled by Oviedo High School teachers (Florida).  This list contains Lexile score, AR Points, and Reading Level (not maturity level).