• Cascade Bruin Robotics Parents Handbook-2018

    How Parents Participate

    We actively solicit parental involvement.

    Our team brings adults and students of all backgrounds and talents together.

    Here is an opportunity to make a commitment to be a part of your child’s team and join the fun!

    Parental involvement is not a requirement but parents are an integral part of our team and are very important to our continued success. Parental support in all aspects of team involvement is vital to each team member getting the most out of the program.

    Travel plans/expenses, Fundraising

    We need help and ideas for fundraising!

    When our FRC teams advance to out of state competitions we are going to need money!
    A trip to Portland Oregon with 16 students and 2-3 adults can cost as much as $8,600.00

    A Trip to the World Championship in Huston Texas with 16 students and 2-3 adults can cost as much as $18,200.00

      - The Bruin Community Parent Booster Club organization


      - Everett District ASB


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