• attendance


     Welcome to the 2022-2023 school year

    Please read the information below outlining the CHS Attendance procedures

    Written notes (paper) or an e-mail to chsattendance@everettsd.org are required to excuse a student’s absence. You can also send a fax to (425) 385-6002 to excuse your student.

    Students who are running late to class in the morning or anytime during the school day, who do not have a note excusing their tardy or absence, will go directly to class. If the student has a note from a parent/guardian or doctors note they will stop by the attendance office to receive a late pass to class.  If your student needs to  leave early for an appointment during the school day please send a written note and have your student drop it off to the attendance office. I will write them a pass to give to their teacher stating the time they need to leave class for the appointment and send them to the attendance office to sign out.

    Students are not permitted to leave school or meet a parent in the parking lot.  For safety reasons, parents/guardians on record with the school must come into the Attendance Office to sign out their students. 

    If a student leaves school without permission and without signing out in the Attendance Office, their absences will remain unexcused.

    Do NOT text or call your student during class to have them leave.  Teachers do not allow students to leave unless the Attendance Office calls to authorize it.

    Students must turn in their notes to excuse previous absences, early dismissals, bus notes, written by a parent, by 10:00 a.m. in the morning. If your student forgets to turn in their absence note, they are welcomed and encouraged to bring it the next morning.

    Notes must be turned in within 30 days after a student returns back to school, not including holidays or weekends, in order to have the absence excused. Notes turned in past the 30-day timeframe will be accepted; however, the absence is not excused and will be coded with LN for late note.

    IF you receive a phone call saying your student was marked absent in a class and they say to you, “I was there,” please contact the teacher directly about this discrepancy or have your students stop by the attendance office for a pink Attendance Correction Request slip. The student will need to take care of this with the teacher who marked them absent. The teacher is the only one that can give permission to change an absence that is deemed a “mistake” as they are the only one who can verify if a student was in class, in the wrong seat or tardy. The 30 day policy or before 10:00 a.m. policy does not apply for fixing these mistakes.

    If your student is out of school over 5 days due to illness, a doctor’s note is required to excuse the absence. Homework can be requested for students out sick over 3 days. Please be aware that we require 24 hour’s notice to teachers for homework collection. You are welcome to email teachers directly to request schoolwork.

    Pre-Arranged absence request: If your student is going to be out of school due to vacations, surgeries, tournaments, appointments, etc., a pre-arranged absence form is required. These forms are found on-line or in the attendance office. This must be filled out by the student and signed by all teachers along with parent/guardian. The Principal will review and consider all Pre-Arranged absence requests before approval.

    PLEASE know what time your student has lunch or is in a PE class. It is not possible to find your student during lunch and extremely difficult to find them during PE. If you have to pick them up during either of these times, please send a note with your student asking for them to be dismissed at a specific time. Your student will bring that note to the attendance office before school begins to pick up a pass that will allow them to meet you at the attendance office at the time specified.

    Please remember that if your student missed the bus, overslept or is running late, or had car trouble, the absence WILL NOT be excused.

    The following excuses are considered valid and acceptable per the Everett School District Attendance Policy:

    • Illness
    • Appointment
    • Funeral
    • Emergency
    • Religious Observance