• Updated 3/25/2020

    Weekly Mod English Online Routine 


    Students can:


    Access the Language Live Online Curriculum and spend 60 minutes a week working on the Word & Text Training Lesson Tabs on their own.


    Practice engaging in the Smarter Balance Assessment Consortium Lessons/questions that consist of reading, writing, listening and research/inquiry.


    Read as a class a novel and analyze, examine, discuss & write about it on Mondays & Wednesdays at 2 pm.


    Journal weekly on a variety of issues, articles, and current events with open-ended writing prompts & response to other students writing.


    Engage in daily/weekly Zoom live stream classes or view archived Zoom lessons on Mondays & Wednesdays at 2 pm.


    Complete any missing work and/or retake any tests & quizzes prior to school closure.