• Fusion 360 Training

    Semester 2 Course Resources

    Get Ready: 


     AutoDesk Registration for FUSION 360


    - Make sure to use your district email: studentnumber@apps.everettsd.org

    - Make your password: TechStudent#

    - Once you are able to open Fusion, click the button that says 30 Day Trial to activate your account.








    Start Here: What is Fusion 360?

    Learning the Basics


    These videos will give you a tour and show you the basics of using Fusion 360. These are required before beginning to design in Fusion.


    Lesson 3: Watch and do steps 1-7; Take NOTES on the Video Lessons using the Fusion Notes page in Google Classroom.

    Lesson 4: Watch and do steps 1-6; Take NOTES on the Video Lessons using the Fusion Notes page in Google Classroom.

    • Turn in Fusion Notes in Google Classroom when completed! Be detailed for ES (exceeding standard)

    Task 1 Beginner: 



    Are you new to CAD or Fusion 360?  If so, this short course is perfect for you. Learn the basics of parametric modeling, freeform design, assembly creation, rendering, 3D printing, documentation and collaboration while designing a mid-century inspired desk lamp. Step-by-step video instruction, print guides, and practice exercises make the process fun and easy to follow.


    Lesson 4- Lesson 11: Watch and complete all videos and activities to complete the lamp design.

    • Take screenshots of each lesson each day. Include a summary of what you learned in the lesson.
    • Complete Practice Exercises at the end of each lesson.


    Create an elf figure using all the skills learned in this lesson.

    Task 2 Beginner: 

    Engraved Sign* 


    In this course, we'll design and manufacture a sign for the Ross Arts Center, a once-vibrant organization that needs a rebrand. In this scenario, you've been hired to create new signage that freshens the center's image and reflects a new arts program. You create a CAD model of an engraved wooden sign. As a second challenge, you'll create your own sign or a sign for a local organization. Explore fonts, select a graphic, or design your own graphic for the sign.


    Lesson 2:  Complete this entire lesson.  


    Go back and customize the sign (change lettering, add an attached canvas and trace an image) to MAKE YOUR OWN SIGN for 3D printing.


    Additional Beginner Tasks: 

    Sculpting a Figure


    Save your STL to our shared drive   T:\MDilling\Classes\Projects to 3D Print

    Save file as  PeriodNumberFigure.stl   



    Egg Cup / Desk Art


    Hall Pass or Door Stop

    Create a hall pass or door stop for a teacher of your choice. Make it interesting and FUN!

    Learning Cura:

    Cura Directions -Preparing 3D Prints


    Ultimaker Cura prepares your model for 3D printing. Optimized, expert-tested profiles for 3D printers and materials mean you can start printing reliably in no time. And with industry-standard software integration, you can streamline your workflow for maximum efficiency.


    Task 3 Intermediate:

    Steering Wheel 


    Unlike any other tool of its kind, Autodesk Fusion 360 connects CAD, CAM, and CAE in a single cloud-based platform that works on both Mac and PC. In this course, you will explore the basics of designing for manufacture, while designing a Formula SAE steering wheel. You'll design, validate through simulation, render, animate, program a CNC machine, and create a detailed drawing--all while learning industry skills that span the entire digital manufacturing process. Learn how Fusion 360 connects the entire product development process by using the first 3D design, manufacturing, and engineering tool of its kind.


    Lesson 2-9: Complete the assignments in Lesson 2-9. At the end of each class, screenshot your progress and explain what you learned/completed for that day's assignment. Write about 3 items to receive full credit:

    1. What shapes/forms you worked on or created.

    2. What tools you used: examples might be spline, fillet, extrude etc. Use vocabulary to receive credit for your answer. BOLD your vocabulary.

    3. What was easy/difficult for you.

    3. A screenshot of your progress.


    Complete Lesson 10 to learn about CAM manufacturing processes.

    Task 4 Intermediate:

    Drone Directions


    The project allows you to design and manufacture a drone, suitable for the school based competition, Airgineers. Using Autodesk® Fusion 360™, you will be guided through how to develop and optimize a drone design. Lessons will focus on specific competition criteria, including light-weighting, stress testing, photo realistic rendering, and adding sponsorship decals and graphics. We'll also discover how to create engineering drawings, assemble standardized components, and create animations to demonstrate the drone operation. After you have optimized your drone, you will be guided through the additive manufacture preparation process. 


    Complete lesson 1-15. This lesson has a different appearance than our others. Scroll down, open each lesson and watch the video in preview mode. Files are available in the MDILLING CLASSES folder. Good luck!

    Personalized Designs

    Create Your Free Choice Design* & Instructable

    See Directions Below for Making Instructables as you create. 


    See Google Classroom for detailed directions.  



    1. You must include detailed directions for how to create your design.

    2. It will include at least 10 steps with paragraph descriptions and BOLDED skill words.

    3. It should also include screenshots that are cropped to show detail about your design.

    4. You must include 5 key skills that a person creating the project will learn. Spelling, grammar and excellent description are expected and will be graded.

    5. Once your design is complete, screenshot the final image as the last image in your instructable. Also, save and export the 3D file for printing.

    Save your STL file to our shared drive   T:\MDilling\Shared\Projects to 3D Print

    Save file as  PeriodNumberLastNameFinal.stl 

    6. Copy and paste the URL created for the instructable into the form in google classroom.


    Create a Mascot for Eisenhower Middle School that could be placed on the office counter and sit flat. This needs to be created on a XZ plane (flat on the ground) and have a flat surface on the back. It should represent IKE in some way using symbols, lettering and images. Design in a way that uses little to no support material.

    Save your STL file to our shared drive     T:\MDilling\Shared\Projects to 3D Print

    Save file as  PeriodNumberLastNameMascot.stl 

    Task 5 Intermediate:

    Tea Pot 


    Product design goes beyond how a product looks. Industrial designers need to know how a product actually works. CAD software is an essential tool used by industrial designers to explore both form and function of design ideas. In this project, you'll learn how to use Fusion 360, 3D CAD/CAM software, to design a teakettle inspired by the iconic Alessi MJ33 teakettle design by Michael Graves. The project includes everything you need to learn CAD to explore your design ideas: step-by-step video instruction, Fusion 360 software, and software datasets.


    • Skip Lesson 1 and 2
    • Lesson 3 - Do only step 1 and 2
    • Lesson 4 - Do all (the first video might not load - I made a copy of it in the Tea Pot Folder: T Drive/MDilling/Classes/8thGrade/TeaPot
    • Lesson 5-10 Do all
    • Lesson 11 Skip

    Tea Pot Assignments for Google Classroom:

    • Complete Daily Reflections
    • Complete the Quiz - Screenshot your score and put in Google Classroom in the Tea Pot Assignment
    • Also screenshot your final design 

    Mini Tea Cup*

    Watch the video and create your own personal mini tea cup. Make sure to add a design on the inside bottom of the cup that has some meaning to you. Use the links below to help you. 



    The IMAGE FILE you need in located in the MDILLING Classes Folder->CUP

    Save your STL file to our shared drive     T:\MDilling\Shared\Projects to 3D Print

    Save file as  PeriodNumberLastNameCup.stl 

    Additional Intermediate Tasks:   

    Personal Chess Piece* 


    Save your STL file to our shared drive     T:\MDilling\Classes\Projects to 3D Print

    Save file as  PeriodNumberLastNameChess.stl  

    3D Device Base 


    Cell Phone Case 



    Task 6 Advanced:

    Race Car 


    The digital manufacturing process is rapidly changing how things get made and how teams work together. Integrated design and manufacturing systems and collaboration tools are transforming the future of making. In this course, we'll apply the digital manufacturing process and Autodesk® Fusion 360™ CAD/CAM software to design a race car for competition. Whether you enrolled in this course as a team manager, marketing manager, or involved in the design, engineering, and manufacturing of a dragster, you'll develop the career skills needed to be innovative, productive, and efficient.


    Task 7 Advanced:

    Engineering a Consumer Product: Sink


    In today's work environments, there is a greater need for engineers to have experience with complex modeling as we get farther away from traditional manufacturing and design. In this course, we'll overview various complex topics such as the creation of sculpted bodies, working with surfaces, and generating renderings and visualizations of products. These modeling and design skills can open up a world of possibilities on your next project.


    Additional Projects: 

    To be determined... 


    Fusion 360 Resources: Video Links