Occupational/Physical Therapy Resources

  • Our Occupational Therapist, Karen Wolfe-Fritz has put together some material and content to share with families for at home enagement with our preschoolers.

    Below is the link to her website:

    Karen Wolfe-Fritz, OT 

    ‘Theraplay’ is that is an easy-to-use list of developmentally appropriate play activities by age. The list of play activities was developed by both occupational and physical therapists at University of Washington’s Center of Human Development and Disabilities (CHDD).

    Theraplay 3 is targeted for 3 year olds, Theraplay 4 is targeted for 4 year olds and Theraplay 5 is targeted for 5 year olds.

    Theraplay Pack for 3-year-olds

    Theraplay Pack for 4-year-olds

    Theraplay Pack for 5-year-olds



    The following are apps for tracing variety of shapes, letters, numbers. Easiest for new skills.

    Writing Wizard


    Tracing letters and numbers.  The screens advance in skill level, but this is more challenging eye-hand coordination skill as compared to Writing Wizard.


    Letter School



    • Helps build resilience and the ability to better manage stressors
    • Helps prevent disease and boosts the immune system
    • Reinforces lessons learned at school and helps create a 360-degree healthy environment

    Action for Healthy Kids