• Students are able to check out books on the day their class visits the library. Book returns can be made any time.

    My philosophy about checking out books is that students are allowed to check out any book in the library (with the exception of kindergarten). I believe kids will read books in which they are interested. If you ever have a concern about a book your student has checked out, please contact me (see contact information below).

    Students are responsible for the books they check out. Please remind your student not to loan their library books to friends as the book will stay on your students’ account and will be their responsibility if lost or damaged. If a friend wants to borrow a book, have the friend check it out. Books that are damaged or lost need to be replaced. Books can be replaced with a gently used copy (paperback for paperback or hardback for hardback) or pay the amount listed on the fine notice. Amazon and Half-Price Books are great sources! If you are unable to replace or pay for the book, please contact me as I am flexible in repayment.

    Thank you for taking the time to visit the SLE Library Website. Should you ever have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email me at csand@everettsd.org or call me at (425) 385-6908. I always try to get back to families within 24 hours.