• There are many options for high school athletes to continue their careers beyond high school:

    1.  NCAA (division 1, 2, and 3)

    If you are pursuing becoming an NCAA athlete, you will need to register with the NCAA eligibility center.  You can create a free NCAA profile page here.  Creating a free profile page will generate your NCAA ID number.  While this is free, athletes looking to pursue opportunities at the division 1 or division 2 level will need to eventually convert to an "academic and amateurism certification" account which has a fee of 100 dollars.  Division 1 and Division 2 schools can offer athletic scholarships. Division 3 schools can only offer academic scholarships.

    Click here to see a registration checklist.

    Click here to look at frequently asked questions

    2.  NAIA (all 1 division)

    NAIA schools can also offer athletic scholarships.  The NAIA is a separate organization from the NCAA and they have their own eligibility center which can be found here There is a fee of 80 dollars to register with the NAIA.  Unlike the NCAA eligibility center, there is no free profile page that can be created.  

    3.  Junior college (2 year colleges)

    Junior college is a great opportunity for athletes to continue their careers close to home (or still potentially across the nation).  Junior colleges can offer partial athletic scholarships.  When competing in sports at a junior college, athletes have 2 years of eligibility at the school, and also have the ability to transfer to a 4-year university after either 1 or 2 years.

    The NWAC (northwest athletic conference) is a league of 36 junior colleges in Washington, Oregon, Idaho and British Columbia.  Click here to visit the conference website and see a list of schools and sports offered.  Unlike the NCAA and NAIA, there is no requirement to create a profile or register an athlete.  The only requirement is to apply and be accepted into any of the member schools.

    The NJCAA (national junior college athletic association) is a nation-wide organization with over 500 schools.  Much like our local NWAC, the NJCAA can offer partial athletic scholarships and does not require registration or a profile page.  For more information about member schools and academic requirements, visit their website here  

    The process of becoming a college athlete can sometimes seem overwhelming.  Making sure you take the correct high school classes, registering with the correct organizations, and being recruited are all parts of the process.  If you need help getting started or have specific questions about the process, please email Scott Stencil at sstencil@everettsd.org