• Cedar Wood Parking Lot Procedures


    The safety of your child and all other children on our school site is our first priority. Help us keep Cedar Wood a safe school by following these rules in our Parking Lot.


    The only place on campus where students may approach vehicles without an escort is in the Kiss and Go lane.

    Parking Lot:

    • Students dropped off or picked up in the parking area must be escorted at all times to and from the front of the school.
      • Arriving: Parents must park their car, get out and walk their student to the undercover area or to the kindergarten gate.
      • Departing: Parents must park their car, get out, walk to meet their student on the sidewalk in front of the school, and then escort their student back to their car. Parents may not gesture from their car for their student to leave the curb without an adult escort.  Please do not ask your student to meet you at any other location.
    • No student drop off or pick up is permitted at any time in the Bus Parking or in the handicapped zones.
    • Parents are to use the west gate to enter the parking area and the east gate to depart.

    Kiss and Go Lane:

    • Parents are to drive single file into the west entrance of the parking area. Cars waiting to enter the Kiss and Go area should line up to the west of the entrance of the lower parking area, being careful not to block the entrance or exit to the parking area. Parents arriving from 35th Avenue should head west past the school, turn around, and join the end of the line of waiting cars.
    • When arriving in the morning students should have their backpacks in their laps and be ready to exit when their car arrives at the curb.
    • Cars entering the Kiss and Go lane should pull forward to the furthest open space, permitting others behind them to also enter. Do not stop at the first available opening.
    • Students may only enter or exit vehicles on the right hand side in the Kiss and Go line.
    • Once students have left the vehicle please safely move to the left hand lane.  When you reach the end of the parking lot both lanes then merge together to proceed to the exit.


    During the last ten minutes of the day office staff can not send for students to release them early. School is in session until 3:30.

     We ask that you give priority to school buses entering or exiting the site.

    We appreciate your cooperation in helping us keep our parking lot a safe place for your children and for the rest of our students.