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  • Mr. Iversen
    My email address: siversen@everettsd.org
    I teach online social studies classes district-wide and PE/Lifetime Fitness at Sequoia High School.  
    Online Classes-  Everett's online classes are accessible 24/7 and students should spend at least one hour working in their online classes each school day.  Students are encouraged to keep up with the posted due dates and may also work ahead of the due dates.  Grades are updated weekly in LMS.  As soon as work is submitted and graded in Canvas, the overall grades will be updated and displayed in the class grade book.
    How to login to Canvas: 
    • If using a district-issued device, in the Chrome Browser, a link to Canvas is located under the "Managed Bookmarks" heading, on the top toolbar.
    • A direct link to Canvas: https://everettsd.instructure.com/  
    Contact- Students can contact me via email. siversen@everettsd.org Students can also contact me via the internal message system in Canvas and can even send a text message to (360) 474-7346. This number is also listed below.
    Sequoia High School PE- I  teach PE at Sequoia High School, 1st Period. (8:15-9:05 AM)
    1st Period PE-  Find your class listed in the Courses link in Canvas.  (To log in to Canvas, see the link and directions above)
    Links to articles on the benefits of walking:
    Better Health Channel:  Walking for Good Health
    Instructor Sherm Iversen pointing at a computer monitor as he helps a student
    Be safe-  Remember to keep a safe social distance from others and to wash your hands often and wash them thoroughly.  Drink plenty of water and get plenty of sleep.
    Sherm Iversen
    Text Messages: 360-474-7346
    Everett Public School's online classes are available anytime, anywhere

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