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    My email address: siversen@everettsd.org
    Welcome- Please see the information below about your class.  I teach online social studies with OnlineHS, located at Sequoia High School and PE/Lifetime Fitness at Sequoia High School.  
    Online Classes-  While we are out of school until April 24th, classes will still be open and accessible 24/7 and I will be communicating with students, answering questions, and grading work.  You are encouraged to keep up with the due dates, or even use some extra time you may have at home to work ahead in your online classes.  We will be updating grades weekly in LMS, and you can always check your grade in your class grade book. 
    Links for logging into your online class - Use the appropriate link depending on the platform used for your class.  Below the link, you will find an informational flyer about the program and your class. 

    Classes in Blackboard- Students in Geography, US History and World History are in Blackboard classes: https://onlinehs.blackboard.com/

    Info flyer:  OnlineHS Info- Blackboard

    Classes in Canvas- Students in Government and Washington State History are in Canvas classes: https://everettsd.instructure.com/  

    Info flyer:  OnlineHS Info- Canvas
    Contact- Students can contact me via email or can call my office phone number.  Students can also contact me via text message, the number is also listed below.  See contact information below. 
    Be safe-  Remember to keep a safe social distance from others and to wash your hands often and wash them thoroughly.  Drink plenty of water and get plenty of sleep.
    Sequoia High School PE- I  teach PE at Sequoia High School.  It is currently offered the 1st period (8:15-9:10) The class is focused on lifetime fitness and meets in the gymnasium at Sequoia/Port Gardner High School.  
    Term 6 PE-
    Activity during the school closure-  While on break, you are encouraged to get some activity in.  While many gyms and clubs will be closed in the next 4-6 weeks, walking and running are usually good options for exercise.  Your advisor has sent out PE logs for you to complete and earn PE credit through your advisory class.  Please understand that these logs are submitted to your advisor and not to me and also understand that you can earn credit by completing PE logs only if you need more PE credit.  Students can not earn credit from PE logs if taking PE as an elective. 
    Research a lifetime fitness activity-  Lifetime Fitness is the concept of staying active and physically for your entire life.  Being in shape and being active multiple times each week will help you remain healthy and you will have more energy to accomplish goals and will help you be more successful at whatever you do.  What are some things you can do to get in shape, and stay physically fit?  You may want to do a little research and find 2 o 3 activities that will help you to get in shape and stay in shape?  You may find that the most inexpensive or even free activities are better than the more expensive ones. 
    Links to articles on the benefits of walking:
    Better Health Channel:  Walking for Good Health
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    Sherm Iversen
    Office Phone (Sequoia HS): 425-385-5144 
    Text Messages: 360-474-7346
    OnlineHS classes are available anytime, anywhere

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