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Thank you for your interest in attending Sequoia High School for the 2023-24 school year.


Pre-registration for the Next Connected Class closes on April 17th, at 10am. No exceptions will be made.

Connected Class will run from April 22nd - May 9th



How to Register:


Please choose the appropriate enrollment status below to pre-register for Connected -


1. If you are actively attending an Everett Public School, please click here to pre-register


2. If you are a new student to the Everett School District, you will need to register at your home high school BEFORE pre-registering at Sequoia.


3. Once registered at your home high school, then you may  pre-register at Sequoia. All district enrollment forms need to be completed prior to pre-registering for Connected at Sequoia.


What is Connected?  All students wishing to enroll at Sequoia are required to successfully complete a CONNECTED pre-registration class before enrolling at Sequoia High School.  This class is offered 8 times per year. Please see this CONNECTED link for more details.

Expectations?  To successfully complete CONNECTED, students must attend each day on time, stay the entire time, meet “The Sequoia Way Expectations," and complete all the assignments and homework. Only 1 excused absence or tardy will be allowed.


*TRANSPORTATION: Sequoia HS does not have regular school bus routes. Students are given an ORCA card to ride public transportation upon request or they can walk, drive themselves, or find other ways to and from school. If you have questions about transportation options, please contact our office at 425-385-5100.


*Sequoia is CLOSED to out of district variances during the 2023-24 school year.