• Please join us for Significant Adult Night. Significant Adult Nights happening monthly.  Significant Adults are encouraged to attend the Significant Adult Night during the session their student is Intake. This is an opportunity to meet staff, learn about Sequoia and learn how you can best support your student's success at Sequoia.
    Significant Adult Nights are as follows-
                   Wednesday, TBD      6 pm    Cafeteria
                   Wednesday, TBD      6 pm    Cafeteria
                   Wednesday, TBD      6 pm    Cafeteria
                   Tuesday, TBD           6 pm    Cafeteria
                   Wednseday, TBD      6 pm    Cafeteria 
                   Wednesday,TBD       6 pm    Cafeteria
                   March, TBD              6 PM    Cafeteria
                   Wednesday, TBD      6 pm    Cafeteria