Tacky in Trouble

by Helen Lester Year Published: 1998

Tacky is back, getting himself into predicaments that can only result in delighted, yet understanding, young readers. This time, Tacky is surfing while his more subdued penguin pals are napping on their iceberg. Tacky’s flowered shirt catches a mighty gust of wind and he is transported to a tropical island. An elephant (Tacky thinks she’s a large grey rock) mistakes Tacky’s shirt for a perfect bouquet of flowers to grace her kitchen table. What can Tacky do to escape? He does “penguinish” things to prove he is not a table dressing: He marches, dives, slides and hops until the tablecloth is covered with food. As usual, Munsinger’s watercolor illustrations are hilarious, and the story is told in Lester’s dry, witty tone. Tacky will certainly find new fans with this book, while old fans will be reminded to reread the other Tacky books!