Welcome to Mr. Mcleod's Class

  • Jack Mcleod Students, use this site to check for class documents and homework.

    phone: 425-385-6151
     My schedule: Class Documents
     1st period: planning
     2nd period: Coordinated Science 
     3rd period: Coordinated Science
     4th period: Engineer Your World
     5th period: Coordinated Science
     6th period: Coordinated Science
    * You will be supplied with a graph-rule comp book. 

    Is the world running out of rocks? What do you think?  


    I am a good listener.
    I will believe in you, support you and encourage you.
    I will be fair, but firm.
    I will work hard to help you learn.

    I expect similar from you:
    • Be a good listener.
    • Believe in, support, and encourage yourself and others.
    • Work hard.


    About me:

    I'm married and have two children, a 31-year old daughter and 27-year old son -- both have found that following your passion keeps life rich and satisfying. 
    I started teaching at Cascade in 1985 and have worked a few different jobs in the school district. The best thing about Cascade is how much people care for each other so I really like working here. I have a Geology degree from St. Lawrence University, a Masters in Education from U.W. and am a National Board Certified Teacher. 

    I love outdoor activities, mostly hiking, skiing, camping and photography which all led to writing a book published by the University of Washington Press: The North Cascades Highway, A Roadside Guide to America's Alps.

    When I was kid, I looked for gems and fossils in Maine and Nova Scotia so that's how I first got into science. I went to Wilton High School in Wilton, CT, then to St. Lawrence University in upstate New York. After majoring in geology, I went to work in Wyoming and Utah doing oil exploration. I later moved to Seattle, got married, earned a teaching degree at Western, and started at Cascade. 

    I believe learning science should be interesting, challenging (hard), AND fun. Sometimes it's all of those, sometimes it's none. But just like everything in life, the more you put into it, the more you get out. When you stop getting interested in learning and trying new things, life gets pretty dull so don't do it!

    One of my favorite quotes, still from high school days, is from the Ozark Mountain Daredevils: "...and like my Daddy said, it's in your heart not your head, and you've got to sing, and sing, and sing." We need to think and use our heads, but if we're not connected with our hearts and other people and the wonders of life, we lose the ability to sing (or dance, draw, write, do sports or however you express yourself). So however you "sing", do it.