Welcome to Ms. Cipriano's Class


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    B.A. University of California, Berkeley
    M.A. Western Washington University


         Welcome to English!  I am Ms. Cipriano, and I am very happy to be your teacher.  You will be learning a lot this year.  You will study the vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation needed to successfully navigate life in the United States (or any other place/situation where English is spoken) both inside and outside of the classroom. 

         We will focus on the four main elements of language learning: reading, writing, speaking, and listening.  We will also discuss and explore the culture and history of the United States through our readings, as well as academic vocabulary you will come across in your other classes. 

         All of your assignments are available on Canvas page under 'MANAGED BOOKMARKS' once logged on to your Chromebook.

         I have been teaching for ten years, but I am especially proud to teach English to students from all over our world at Evergreen.  I have lived all over the United States as well as in Germany, Russia, and Bosnia.  I am a native English speaker, but I also speak Russian and German.

         When I was in 5th grade, I lived in Germany and went to a German school.  I only knew five German words on the first day of school.  We have a shared unique experience, so I understand how it can be both challenging and exciting to attend a school where the language and culture are new or different from one's own. 

         I enjoy my family, traveling, hiking, reading, and learning something new every day! I also love learning languages and about cultures that are different than my own.  I hope you will teach me about your language and culture as I teach you about mine.  Get ready to work hard and have some fun in our class this year.   Every moment of every day counts. Let's go!



    Jennifer Cipriano