June 23, 2017


    Dear Evergreen Parents/Guardians:


    I just finished my favorite year as a middle school principal and I am excited and already planning to make next year, at Evergreen Middle School, even better! EMS is larger than my prior school and more complicated to lead and manage, but our diversity is a strength that makes it the greatest place to be. We have amazing students and a remarkable staff—it is an honor to be a part of the Evergreen community.

    Next year, my hope is to involve more parents in our school events and PTA. I know many of you work and the idea of adding more to your already very busy schedule is overwhelming. I also know that some of you worry that your son/daughter may not want you to volunteer at school. I believe both are valid concerns—however, we (staff and your student) need and want you to be involved.

    This year, we aim to recruit more parents to volunteer at just ONE-event-a-year. This begins with Orientation on August 24, which we are re-organizing to reduce lines and increase efficiency with completing tasks. To achieve this end, we need a minimum of 20 volunteers to help us on this day. The benefits of volunteering at ONE-school-event-a-year makes a big difference in the quality of our events and it gives you the opportunity to meet and develop relationships with students and staff at our school.


    Please call me at 425-385-5790 by August 1, if you are able to help any part of our Orientation:


    August 24, 2017

    8th Grade Orientation, noon- 2pm

    7th Grade Orientation, 3pm – 4pm

    6th Grade Orientation, 6pm – 7pm


                The purpose of Orientation is to (a) provide students with their class schedule and locker assignment, (b) have school picture taken, (c) pay for class fees, lunch account, ASB card, and (d) purchase PE clothes, if needed. Parents accompany their student to this event and with 20+ volunteers we will ensure that each grade level is in-and-out in one hour!

                Our next major goal, this summer, is to increase our student participation in our Summer Reading Program. There are details found on our school website and we encourage every student to read, read, read! Please join us in the Library on the following days from 10:00 a.m. – Noon to celebrate summer reading and take AR test(s):

    June 27 – Kick Off Summer!

    July 11 – Great Games

    July 18 – Crafting Creations

    July 25 – Non Fiction Fun

    August 8 – Beat the Heat

    August 22 – Summer Finale

                Finally, we hope you join us for Evergreen’s annual Campus Clean-up on Saturday, August 22 from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Please bring gloves and weeding tools. We will have refreshments for all participants and music to make it fun. This event is a great way to make new friends and get excited about a new school year—all staff and students appreciate our campus looking beautiful on the first day of school.



    Dr. Christine Avery, principal