• Principal's Message

    Welcome to Evergreen Middle School! 


    When students come to Evergreen MS, they become members of the Timberwolf Pack! Being part of the Pack means you belong here. This year, we are focusing on what it means to be a Timberwolf in many ways. Our schoolwide campaign this year is, “Be My Best Self!” There are lessons, incentives, and celebrations to positively reinforce being a contributing member of the pack.  


    Being a Timberwolf means being committed to our values of Purpose, Attitude, Wise Choices, and Safety. These frame our schoolwide expectations and our goals.  

    What it means to be a Timberwolf: 


    P: My purpose is to be my best self. 

    A: My attitude is everything. 

    W: My wise choices lead to a better life. 

    S: My safety impacts others. 


    Evergreen staff are focused on the academic and social emotional growth for each and every student. Whether that growth comes through using the new (and amazing) science curriculum and/or through student participation in after school clubs and sports, or a myriad of other ways; we are committed to success for each student.  


    While Evergreen staff are devoted to students, Evergreen families are the key to Evergreen student success! Your volunteering hours make a difference! We have many opportunities for volunteer partnerships. From helping at arrival or dismissal, reading aloud to small groups, working with a student to memorize math facts or work a theorem, to helping out at the student store. We have opportunities for you. Any amount of time will help students here at Evergreen. Please consider volunteering for 30 minutes once a week, or more. There are many opportunities to choose from.  


    We have several scheduled family meetings over the school year where we can discuss teens & social media, study supports, technology, teen mental health, and other topics too. Please watch for these meetings in the family newsletter that goes out each Friday. We welcome your participation! 


     I am filled with gratitude to be part of the Evergreen community and to work with the staff, students, and families. 




    Sara Idle 

    Principal, Evergreen Middle School