• Welcome back to AVID at Everett High School!
    We are excited to have you here at EHS and in AVID. This year in AVID we will build our academic success skills (Cornell Notes, binder checks, reading strategies, writing, study techniques, etc.) and work together in tutorials to foster success in all of our classes. We will also have the opportunity to listen to many guest speakers, some well seasoned professionals with many years in their career field, some recently graduated Everett High AVID Alumni who are now finding success at colleges and universities across our state. These guest speakers will be part of our effort to explore potential careers and find colleges that will prepare us to fulfill our dreams. We will also spend time working to gain other 21st century work skills, searching for scholarships, exploring careers and figuring out our path through college. We have a lot to cover, please make sure you are keeping up on the work, as well as work in your other classes. As always, please talk to me right away if you are feeling behind in any class so we can get you on track right away.
    Thank you in advance for your hard work and determination,
    Ms. Carter
    (425) 385-4511