• Fourth Grade Energy Assignment

    Posted by Mark Smith on 9/4/2019

    Mr. Smith’s Energy Research Assignment


    For the past few months, students have been working on researching energy by reading three required electronic books (eBooks) from our Destiny Discover library and two other resources, which could be from any other source (books, websites, and one I have been recommending, our Britannica database whose username is everettsd, and password is everett).  This assignment can be accessed from student's district Google accounts and are found in my Google Classroom.  The Google Classroom can be accessed if students click on the Students menu on the Everett or Cedar Wood District websites, and click on Google, then sign in as they usually do.


    All students should have the first required eBook completed since we did it together in library.  Students can look back at these notes to make sure their notes look similar for other resources.  A full explanation about how students take notes and export notes to their Google Drive accounts can be found on the video that I made and placed into each student’s Google Classroom.


    If a student finishes five resources (technically four since we did the first eBook together), they can turn their assignment in.  I will be checking these each day, leaving comments, including anything that needs to be revised.  If a student completes the assignment, my comment will include giving students a “star”.  A star means the student is done and will be a team leader when we start the engineering portion of this project in the library.  My goal is for all students to receive a star so our eight small groups will be true cooperative learning groups.  However, if a student does not receive a star, they will have a team leader who will direct the rest of the team. 


    If students do not complete the assignment, then whenever we return to school, they will take an energy quiz.  If they pass this quiz with 70% or higher, they will receive a star.  If they do not pass, they can still choose to turn the research assignment in at any time. 


    If you have any questions, please email me at msmith@everettsd.org.





    Mark Smith, Librarian

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