Essential Questions:

    What are the consequences of oversharing online?

    How can you create a positive digital footprint?


    Learning Objectives:

    Students will be able to ...

    • identify some of the benefits of sharing information online.
    • reflect on the risks of sharing inappropriate information (oversharing) online.
    • think critically about what they choose to post and share about themselves online.


    Background sheet https://d2e111jq13me73.cloudfront.net/sites/default/files/6-12-familytip-privacy_and_digital_footprints.pdf  *You can read this before on your own to get a sense of the content, or you can read it with the class to set up the context for the lesson.


    Lesson Sequence

    1.Class question/discussion: What is a digital footprint? Discuss/predict and then watch the video

    https://www.commonsensemedia.org/videos/digital-footprint  (1:19)



    1. Explore the Benefits of Sharing (5 minutes) POINT OUT to students that there are many ways in which sharing information with others online can be fun and rewarding. For instance, chatting over IM with friends or sending photos to grandparents can be two positive ways of sharing information.


    ASK: How do you share information for fun with others online?

    Sample responses:

    • Make online photo albums for friends
    • Make mash-ups or remixes and share them online
    • Message friends who have moved away from school


    1. Examine the risks of oversharing (15 min)

    Begin the Sway presentation https://sway.com/Gv7G2uQW8MewPBYO take time to discuss the first quote, then show the video. After the video plays, take time as a class or in small groups to discuss the questions that follow the video.


    1. Think critically about what they choose to post and share (5 min)

    Class discussion:

    What things can you do to minimize oversharing in your own life? (possible answers might include not sharing secrets, embarrassing stories, or damaging information about yourself or others, setting privacy controls, thoughtfully manage a positive digital footprint).


    How can you create a positive digital footprint? (possible answers might include thinking before posting, will they be proud of the things they shared when they look back in 5 or 15 years, what can they post that shows accomplishments or shows people a positive side of what they do)?

    Show Abbas video embedded in Sway presentation, then take time to have the class discuss the questions given after the video (10 min):



    If you have extra time, you can:

    Read through and discuss case study 1 “Emma’s Secret Crush Goes Viral” listed on page 6 of 17 on the PDF




    Use the projector to show the PDF starting at page 5 to work on the activity “College Bound” together as a class, deciding which of the college candidates have a more positive digital footprint: