• Science Challenge Information

    IF students want to participate in the optional Science Challenge, here are the steps…

    1.       Pick up a Science Challenge paper from the library. All directions/requirements are listed at top of that paper.

    ·         Remind students they are only allowed to complete the challenge for their current grade level (including HC students).

    ·         ** Readers who are below grade level and are unable to complete the challenge for their grade level may complete the previous year’s science challenge.  This needs to be a decision that the classroom teacher makes with that particular student since these would be rare exceptions.

     2.       Students then check out Science Challenge books from the library, take the AR test, and record their AR scores on the Science Challenge paper.

     3.       Once a student completes the challenge, papers are turned in to the classroom teacher.

    •     Kindergarten: Students who complete the Science Challenge will receive a certificate of completion.

    • 1st – 5th Grade: Students who complete the Science Challenge will receive a certificate of completion, a Science Challenge Button, and a Lab Coat. Buttons/Badges will be added to the lab coat through the years for completion of future Science Challenges or other school-wide STEM activities such as the Robotics Club, Chess Club, Reflections Art Contest, and the STEM Innovation Challenge.

      Science Challenge Lab Coat

    If you would like to view or print a copy of the Science Challenge Sheet for your grade level, please click on any of the links below: