• STRIVE Support Staff

    We are so lucky to have an amazing and dedicated support staff that are here to assist our STRIVE students in both the training center (classroom setting) and in the community. Each STRIVE student is assigned a Job Coach. The main function of the Job Coach is to provide our young adults with assistance in completing entry level tasks, assistance with food preparation and eating, assistance in following a daily schedule, assistance riding public transportation, assistance with communication and assistance within the community at the work site locations.


    STRIVE Support Staff                       Stu         

                   Kathy                                                              Stu                                    


      Lindsey              Analea         Mary   Nurse Mo     

                        Lindsey                                             Analea                                                   Mary                                Nurse Mo          





     Charlotte                       Tracy                                  

         Charlotte Richardson - SLP                      Tracy Hartley - PT