• NEW ASSIGNMENTS:  Week of March 30

    For Reading Students:  Choose the Would You Rather page for one of your target sounds below.  Each day this week, go through three of the questions on the page with someone in your household.  The student should read the question outloud, paying particular attention to your speech and the target sound you are practicing.  Then each person playing can take a turn to state their answer, also while paying attention to their speech, modeling clear articulation.  

    Would You Rather R Initial

    Would You Rather S Initial


    For Non-Readers:  Choose a practice word list for one of your target sounds below.  On three different days this week, choose three words on the list.  Say each word 3 times, then use it in a sentence.  Color the picture when you are done with that word.  

    N Initial Words

    NT Final Blends

    L Initial Words

    SH Initial Words