Emerson Elementary Dual Language Spanish Immersion Program, also known as two-way immersion program, will use a 90:10 model, where: 

    • Most of the instructional day will be taught in Spanish, increasing the portion of English instruction each year as students transition to the next grade.  
    • Students are exposed to the same curriculum as their peers while also having the opportunity to learn a second language and they will continue in the Middle School and the High School with appropriate designed programs.  
    • Students will fully participate in the full school programs such as music, physical education and art. 
    • Cross cultural studies at all grade levels 
    • Recognition –First Pathway to Biliteracy Award at the end of 5th  Grade 


    Emerson Elementary 90/10 Spanish Immersion Model 





























    In the Spanish Dual Language Program, students from different language backgrounds learn together while instruction is delivered primarily in Spanish at the Kindergarten level. Students read, write, listen and speak in Spanish and will become bilingual, biliterate, and bicultural. They will be on track towards grade level academic achievement throughout the program. Dual language offers a chance for students to add another language while at the optimal age for language learning. 

    The Spanish Dual Language Program is ideal for any student. Young children have the ability to gain language faster with near native like language skills. Learning a language at a young age increases cognitive development, which allows for deeper levels of learning. 


    Parent/guardian involvement and commitment are essential to the success of students in the proposed program. The program has a responsive infrastructure for positive, active and ongoing relationships with students’ families and the community. The program promotes family engagement. ​ 

    The program is a good fit for families that: ​ 

    • Value other cultures, people, art, history, and diversity. 
    • Support learning a second language and encourage practicing the language at home. 
    • Are willing to participate in school projects, trainings, and activities. 
    • Are willing to commit to a minimum of 6 years of dual language. 
    • Your child expresses an interest in different people, places, and things.  
    • Your child wants to become fluent in Spanish and English​. 
    • Students with Special Needs such as learning disabilities or physical handicapping conditions will have equal access to participate. ​ 


        1. Open Application Period: Each year, applications will be accepted during a pre-designated time period. A series of informational meetings will be held during this period. Parents or guardians of prospective applicants must attend one of these meetings prior to submitting an application. Applications received beyond the official application period will be placed last on the waiting list.
        2. Application: Application packets will include school/district contact information, basic information on the Dual Language Immersion Program, frequently asked questions, a Home Language Survey, and an application. Applications will be available at the informational meeting or through a meeting with the Dual Language building principal, Program Coordinator or designee. The deadline for submitting completed applications will be no later than Wednesday, March 31st.
        3. Additional Program Placements: The principal in consultation with the Dual Language Immersion Program teachers and Dual Language Program Coordinator may add additional students to the program after the start of the school year. The Dual Language Immersion Program school office will notify parents by phone and written notification of placements made during the remainder of the year.
        4. Students on the waiting list will be placed into the Dual Language Immersion Program, as openings are available. The waiting lists will be maintained by the program building school office.


    1. Kindergarten: Each year, to ensure a balanced class, a selection lottery will be held for students who are not automatically enrolled as attendance-area siblings.


    1. Lottery System: Separate lotteries will be held in order to balance the numbers of native Spanish & non-native Spanish speaking*. Native or dominant languages will be determined by the Home Language Survey submitted with each student’s application. The lottery selection will be completed by mid-April.
    2. Priority will be given to applicants in Dual Language Immersion Program building attendance area. The goal of the program is to have a balance of 50% native Spanish speakers and 50% non-native Spanish speaking students.
    3. The lottery process will be carried out as follows:
      1. Applications will be divided into two groups: native Spanish speakers and non-native Spanish speakers from the attendance area.
      2. Random blind drawings from each of the groups will be made until the 50% of the class roster is comprised of native Spanish speaking students and 50% of the class roster is comprised on non-native Spanish speakers.
    4. If the class is not filled from those in the attendance area, a lottery of remaining applications from beyond the Dual Language Immersion Program school attendance area will be conducted. First priority will be given to Everett students in other elementary attendance areas followed by student applications from outside the district. The same procedure for the lottery will be followed as outlined in the previous paragraph to ensure a balance between native Spanish speakers and non- native Spanish speakers. It is possible that a certain number of spaces will be reserved for students in the attendance area until June. This is to ensure a minimum number of boundary exceptions, so the programs remain neighborhood based.
    5. In the case that there is not a balance, the application process will be held open until the appropriate applications are received.


    1. Priority is given to those families that reside in the Dual Language Immersion Program school attendance area, then to those within Everett Public School boundaries. In the event that all in-district candidates are placed in appropriate slots, the in-district waiting list is exhausted and there are remaining slots available, applications residing outside of the district will be accepted, pending the approval of their district of residence. Out of district children of Employees of EPS will be given first priority over other out-of-district applicants. Parents of these students must follow the district’s procedures for requesting boundary exceptions.


    Levels of boundary priority for the EPS Dual Language lottery

    1)    Attendance area students*

    2)    In district, out of attendance area students

    3)    Out of district students

    * Includes in or out of district students of employees working in the P-12 feeder continuum for dual language schools.


      1. NOTIFICATION: All applicants will be notified in writing or by phone within two weeks of the lottery drawing to inform them of acceptance or their placement on the waiting list.
        1. Written Notification: Following the lottery selection, notifications will be mailed to the parents by the school office along with information about the required parent meetings.


      1. ORIENTATION: Parents of students accepted into the program are required to attend an orientation meeting further describing the program model and providing question/answer sessions.  Students whose parents do not attend an orientation meeting will not be enrolled.
        1. Parents will be asked to:
    1. Attend Parent Orientation within one month of being accepted;
    2. Support the child’s second language development by stressing the value of the Dual Language Immersion Program to the child’s future and encouraging the child in a positive manner;
    3. Support the child’s native language development at home by reading to and with the child in their native language;
    4. Set aside time for the child to read daily;
    5. Ask questions to avoid misunderstandings about their child’s learning and the program;
    6. Commit to attend the program building elementary Dual Language Immersion Program through 5th grade by signing the Parent Compact;
    7. Notify the school office in advance prior to moving;
    8. Notify the school in advance if they are considering withdrawing their child from the program prior to the end of the commitment period;
    9. Participate in an Exit Interview with the dual language program specialist or building principal in the event they withdraw their child from the Dual Language Immersion Program prior to the end of the commitment period


      1. ENROLLMENT: Accepted students must submit an enrollment/registration form and signed Parent Compact within two weeks following their orientation meeting.  Standard district forms will be used for registration and emergency contact information.


      1. STUDENTS WITH SPECIAL NEEDS:  Students with special learning needs such as learning disabilities or physical handicapping conditions will be afforded equal access to participate. Upon enrollment, students will receive the same level of service and support provided in all Everett Public Schools.


      1. Students residing within the Dual Language Immersion Program school attendance area will be included in the traditional transportation. Transportation may be provided for any new immigrant students (newcomer students).  Parents of students outside the Dual Language Immersion Program school attendance area and Everett Public Schools will be responsible for the transportation of their own children.

    *Non-native Spanish speaking students include native English speaking students and bilingual students that speak English and another language that is not Spanish.