Welcome to Our School


    Welcome to a new school year!  I believe our school and community are poised for a really incredible year with high levels of learning for our students, and many offerings for our community members.  Our families have given us plenty of good feedback regarding what they want our school to be, and we are responding!  I think you will be pleased with your experience at our school.

    Our ongoing focus is to make school the best part of a student’s day.  We work hard to ensure that our students to want to be at school, have experiences that they would not have anywhere else, learn at high levels from the highest-quality staff, and to feel like they are a part of something big and special.  Most of all we want them to feel like they are cared for and appreciated, and we will continue to do many things to celebrate them and their achievements this year.

    It is also important that we embrace our families and the various cultures they represent.  We do this in large and small ways by purchasing curriculum that is relevant to our kids, offering events in the evening for families, and providing needed resources or connections to resources in our community.  More than anything we want our families to not only feel welcome at our school, but to find a way to participate in educating our kids.  As I always do, I want to invite you to come see what is happening at Emerson, find a way to volunteer, or another way to support some of our in and after school programs.  We are better with your involvement.

    Attitude is everything!
    -Paul Edwards , Principal