• Mrs. Hodkinson's Class

    Welcome to 4th grade! 

           Hi families! During the school closure I will be providing learning opportunities for your child to continue achieving their academic goals for 4th grade. I am going to be using Google Classroom to post information and weekly work for my students such as videos, read aloud books, math, ELA, and writing materials. I highly encourage them to keep up the great learning we have done this year. We are using these online learning platforms: Google Classroom (sign in with lunch ID number for username and password) & iReady from the Everett Public Schools website under Student Tools. It is important to make sure you log yourself out of Google email to sign your student in. I have added a link for tutorial videos about accessing online learning under Interesting Web Resources. I am adding in Khan Academy Math and Reading lessons beginning 3/26 to provide for additional differentiation of instruction. The log-in code link is posted in our Google Classroom. In addition, I have posted a recommended daily schedule to the home page. It is not mandatory but it does provide families with a guide for structure and ideas for time frames for each content area. You will see that the schedule does not have kids working all day long. In fact, it is a schedule I am following with my own kids and their at-home learning and allows for physical activity, creativity, and family time. Feel free to tailor it to what works best for your family. If you need to move it to afternoon/evening, do that. 
    • I am assigning Khan Academy lessons and units for math starting on 3/26. As students complete units, they achieve Levels of Mastery and are moved onto the next unit. After they complete their grade level content, they could move onto 5th grade content. If the work is too hard, kids should go to a lower grade level and work their way up to Mastery. It is absolutely okay if they work on 2nd or 3rd grade math to Master and I encourage that! There are also review worksheets that I sent home (either with your child the last day of school before our closure or mailed home to you). They can do these as well, but I would prefer Khan Academy and iReady so that I can see their progress and provide help if needed.
    • iReady online - I encourage students to pass two math lessons each week.
    • Book Clubs - Students have a book that they are reading with other students from class and are filling out a Book Club sheet about what they are reading. Each week, I would like them to post a "Comment" under the Book Club dates for the week sharing their goal with their group of how many chapters they will read for the week and also something they read.
    • iReady - I encourage students to pass two Reading lessons each week.
    • Khan Academy lessons for reading coprehension are being assigned starting 3/26. The link to Khan Academy is on Google Classroom with a sign-in code. They should start trying to work through these lessons one by one.
    • AR tests - Kids can take AR (Accelerated Reader) tests on books they read online (through Everett Schools website; under Student Tools). 
    • I will post a text or prompts for students in Google Classroom and they will respond by writing at least a 3-paragraph text. We are currently writing an Opinion text about which form of transportation is better - bikes or cars? Kids also have this on paper format (brought home or mailed home). The goal to finish this writing is end of March & this is not required but encouraged. I will give them a new writing text and prompt in April.
           Bonus Content:
    • I am posting videos of me sharing things with our class twice a week.
    • I am posting read aloud videos of books during the closure. I will post the new chapters each Monday.
    • I will give the kids fun links to help them learn each week such as an art link or science video. These are all optional.


    Mrs. HodkinsonPlease feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns. I am not checking my phone messages during the closure so please email me or send me a message on the Remind app. I will be replying Monday through Friday during the school closure. I am happy to help you with anything so do not hesitate to reach out to me.                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Lina Hodkinson