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    Gregg Elder-  Nationally Board Certified Teacher

    Library Support: 
    Mrs. Gomez


    7:00 AM to 2:30 PM(Note: The library is open while I'm at school, normally well past 2:30.)

    Checkout of Materials

    • Books have a two week circulation time.
    • Reference books can be checked out overnight or for one period.
    • Two books can be checked out at a time.
    • Current magazines stay in the library.
    • Back issue magazines may be checked out for three days.
    • Two magazines can be checked out at any one time.
    • Vertical file materials (pamphlets and pictures) may be checked out for three days.
    • Audio and visual materials can be used in the library or in a classroom with teacher permission.


    How to get to the Library

    • You may come with your class and teacher.
    • You may come with a pass any time. Be sure to sign in at the Pass table.
    • You may use the library before or after school and at lunch.

    Overdue Notices

    • Please DO NOT wait for an overdue notice before you return your book. The date the book is due is stamped on the back cover. It is your responsibility to return your materials on time so your classmates and friends may use them.
    • If you do have overdue books or more than two books checkout, they must be returned before you checkout another book.
    • In the event the student does not make proper restitution, grades, transcripts, and/or diplomas will be withheld. A student may make restitution through a voluntary work program. A charge for lost or damaged materials or equipment may be appealed to the Superintendent. When damages are $100 or less, a parent and/or student has a right to appeal the imposition of a fine in a manner similar to that specified for a short-term suspension (Policy #3322).When damages exceed $100, the parent and/or student may request a hearing in the manner provided for in a long-term suspension (Policy #3323).

    Library Number

    Your six digit student ID number is what you need to checkout books. Please memorize your number or have your card ready when you checkout books.


    The library is open during all three lunches for classes. Lunch students are also welcome on a space available basis. Lunch students must bring a pass from their teacher or check out a library pass sometime during the day at the front counter. 7:15 AM to11:30

    Material Security System

    The security system has been installed to help you remember to check out books. If the alarm sounds on you, please return to the front desk to check out the book.

    District Acceptable Use Policy
    Regulations for Acceptable Use of the Everett Public Schools Network

    • All use of the system must be in support of the goals and objectives of the district. The district reserves the right to prioritize use of and access to the system.
    • Any use of the system must be in conformity with state and federal law, and district policies and guidelines. Use of the system for commercial solicitation is prohibited. Use of the system for charity ie non - profit purposes must be approved in advance by the Superintendent or designee.
    • The system constitutes a public facility and may not be used to support or oppose political candidates or ballot measures.
    • The system shall be used in a manner that does not disrupt the operation of the system by others. System components, including hardware or software, shall not be destroyed, modified or abused in any way.
    • Use of the system to harass other users or gain unauthorized access to any computer or computing system and/or damage the components of a computer or computing system is prohibited.
    • Users are responsible for the appropriateness and content of all material they transmit or publish on the system. Further, hate mail, harassment, discriminatory remarks, or other antisocial or unprofessional behavior is expressly prohibited.
    • Use of the system to access, store or distribute obscene or pornographic material is prohibited.
    • Subscription to mailing lists, bulletin boards, chat groups, commercial on-line services, and other information services must be pre-approved by the employee's supervisor and Director of information Systems & Technology.
    • Connecting any hardware and/or cabling components to the system and/or entering site communications closets by anyone other than a network technician or other individual expressly authorized by the information Systems & Technology Department is strictly prohibited. Security
    • System accounts are to be used only by the authorized user of the account. Users may not share their account ID or password with another person or leave an open session unattended or unsupervised. Account owners are ultimately responsible for all activity in their account.
    • Users shall not seek information, or modify files, data, or passwords belonging to other users. Users shall not attempt to gain unauthorized access to the system. 12. Communications must not be encrypted to avoid security review.
    • Users are required to change passwords regularly. Users must avoid using easily guessed passwords.

    Book Donations

    In response to requests from parents, students, and staff, the Evergreen Library has created a Book Donation Policy. We will accept new books or cash donations. New books contributed can bear a bookplate on the inside cover with the name of the donor. (Bookplates will be attached with donor permission only.)

    Popular Books- For people who order books over the Internet, or like to shop at local book stores the Evergreen Library can provide a list of favorites that are always welcome. Give us a call or drop by and we will provide you with this information.

    Cash Donations- All donations of cash or books will be acknowledged by a letter unless the donor states that no acknowledgment is wanted. Last year the Library received over $1,100.00 dollars in cash donations. Thank you!

    Any gift accepted by the Library is subject to the following conditions:

    1. The Library retains ownership of the gift.
    2. The Library makes the final decision on its own use of the gift.
    3. If there are any additional costs related to a gift, subscriptions, processing, displaying items, these will need to be considered prior to acceptance.

    Materials purchased for the Library are designed to help students meet and exceed the district and state academic standards and requirements. Contributions are greatly appreciated!

    Personal Security

    • For the protection of individual users, personal information such as addresses and telephone numbers should not e communicated on the system. Students may never reveal such information without the permission of the teacher. Student photographs may be used if signed parent permission is granted. No student photograph is to be identified by individual name.
    • Students must never make appointments to meet people in person whom they have contacted on the system without district and parent permission.
    • Users should notify their supervisor whenever they come across information or messages that are inappropriate or make them feel uncomfortable. Students should notify their teacher.


    • Users must strictly adhere to federal, state, and local copyright laws. The illegal installation, use, storage, or distribution of copyrighted software or materials on district computers is prohibited.

    General Use

    • Diligent efforts must be made to conserve system resources. For example, users must frequently delete e-mail messages and unused files.
    • Employees and students shall not have access to the system without having received appropriate training, and a signed Network User Access Informed Consent Form on file with the district. Also, students must have signed approval of parent guardian.
    • Nothing in these regulations is intended to preclude the supervised use of the system while under the direction of a teacher or other approved user acting in conformance with district policy and procedure.
    • From time to time, the district will make a determination on whether specific uses of the system are consistent with the regulations stated above.
    • Under prescribed circumstances non-student or non-staff users may be permitted, provide such individuals demonstrate that such use furthers the purpose and goals of the district.
    • For security and administrative purposes, the district reserves the right for authorized personnel to review system use and file content.
    • The district reserves the right to remove users from the system at its sole discretion. Any user (employee or student) may appeal the removal from the system to the Director of Information Systems & Technology. If the user is not satisfied with the Director of Information Systems & Technology's determination, she/he may appeal that decision to the Deputy Superintendent, whose decision is final.

    Violation of any of the regulations may be cause for disconnection from the network and/or disciplinary action.