How to do a Book Review

  • You need these six things to get your Book Review posted on the web:

    1. You must have read the book you are reviewing.

    2. Have at least 6, 7 or 8 sentences. (Based on your grade level)

    3. Have punctuation and spelling correct.

    4. End the review with your first name,

    5. Your grade level and

    6. Your school name.

    Tips for writing a good Book Review:

    a. Try and hook the reader into wanting to read the book.

    b. Remember to give reasons why you liked or didn't like the book. You need to support your review with details and information.

    c. It's important to not give away the ending of the book.

    d. Some students write the review in Word, spell check it and then paste the review into Destiny. Remember, your review can be seen by all the students in the Everett School District, so present yourself well by showing high quality work.

    Example Book Review for Enders Game :

    This book is about how the human race was nearly destroyed by aliens. Now the human race needs to find a person to lead an attack against the alien home world. The person they find is just a child. The child is six years old and his name is Ender. Ender has to go to battle school in order to grow up to command a fleet. But Ender has to defend himself from bullies in order to live. But eventually he gets moved up to another grade level in school really fast. Then he eventually moves up to command school. Can Ender fight the aliens and win well you will have to read the book in order to find out?

    By Zak Grade 8 Evergreen

    Please remember to end with your first name only, then your Grade Level and school (Evergreen).