Welcome Ms. Britsch's Class

  • Melissa Britsch
    Hello First Graders and Families! 

    My name is Melissa Britsch and I am excited to welcome you to first grade and our learning community! First grade is an amazing time during which learners gain independence as they explore their world. I look forward to going on this journey with your child!

    In our learning community, we have four important words that you'll hear a lot: SMART IS A CHOICE. There are so many different kinds of intelligence. Some things will come easy, while others will take more effort. Smart simply means someone is willing to keep trying to learn and understand. Your brain is a muscle and must work out daily to grow bigger and stronger. First graders should read, write, and ask questions like a mathematician every day! 

    I am here for you, and would love to answer any questions you may have. Please e-mail me at mbritsch@everettsd.org, or contact me at the number listed below. I look forward to our learning adventure together!

    Melissa Britsch
    First Grade
    Room 128