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    I am an itinerant special education preschool teacher, which means that I provide special education services to preschool-aged children according to their Individualized Education Plan. As an itinerant teacher, I travel to different locations to push into the classrooms of community-based preschool programs and support the children and their teachers to be successful where they are. 

    I come from a background of preschool education, working in daycares and preschools during my teenage and early young adult years. My associate's degree in Family Sciences was focused on preschool education, but then, after having the opportunity to work for a year as a paraprofessional in a preschool/kindergarten classroom at a school for the blind, I decided to move in the direction of special education. I completed my bachelor's degree in Special Education with a minor in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages. I then worked for seven years in an intermediate (grades 2-5) self-contained special education classroom called Functional Academics (which is called Extended Resource in the Everett school district). I then taught general education kindergarten and then as a reading intervention specialist. I was so lucky and excited to find this position in the Everett district, coming back to my first passions as an early childhood educator and a special education teacher. I have learned and grown so much through all these experiences, but also in my work in this position since 2017. I am dedicated to partnering with families, teachers, and care providers to best support the development and growth of the children I work with to help them thrive. 

    I am most available by email, but also by phone, and will be communicating with families regularly. This year, I am working on sending out regular newsletters to provide timely and useful information. Please reach out to me with any questions, concerns, or general feedback. 


    Take care,

    Brianne Yorlang

    (click link above for email or copy and paste: BYorlang@everettsd.org)

    Google Voice phone number: (503) 912-4170

    Desk phone number: (425) 385-5333