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    Hello Families,


     I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know and work with your children over the past several months. I am saddened by the school closure and being unable to meet with and work with the students during this time of crisis. However, I want to support them and you while we are out of school. I will be providing resources here that you can access to work on the skills that we have already worked on during our sessions. I will include activity ideas as well as tips for you as parents or caregivers. During the closure, my biggest three tips for families of preschoolers would be:

    1. Accept, nay, welcome all feelings and emotions. This will prove to your child that their emotions are not too scary, burdensome or stressful for you and that he or she will always have you as a safe space to be him or herself. It is really hard not to react by saying, "It's ok.", or to distract with a treat, or use a strategy such as getting the child to laugh. However, validating those difficult feelings will be valuable for them and their emotional health.


    1. Provide as much gross motor activity as you can. I know that this will also be a challenge when we have to stay away from public playgrounds and with parents trying work from home, but there are creative ways to accomplish this.  

    "Mobility is crucial to cognitive functioning, aiding in the formation of neural connections and cortico-differentiation.6 As infants interact with the external environment, the brain reacts to this input. Studies involving neuro-imaging have found that increased physical activity promotes the formation of gray matter in the brain.1 ...Research in 5-6 year old children has revealed a symbiosis in the development of cognitive and motor milestones.7,4,8 Furthermore, research on brain structure and function has shown that the cerebellum, a structure formally thought to be solely involved in movement, also plays a role in cognition." - Elite HealthCare 


    1. Set aside time daily to deeply connect with your child. You decide as a family how that will look for you and honor that time by putting away distractions and other responsibilities. See this graphic about the four elements of connection.


    I am available by email and will be communicating with you regularly. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns and I would be happy to collaborate with you.


    Take care,

    Brianne Yorlang

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