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    Social-Emotional Learning

    I am basing the components of social-emotional learning from the Collaborative Academic Social Emotional Learning 5 competencies as shown below in these graphics. I have included the website link below as well, for more information. 

    CASEL website

    5 Competencies competencies detailed


    Executive Function

    I also have embedded concepts and resources regarding executive functioning within the Self-Management competency. These concepts and resources are mostly from the Center of the Developing Child from Harvard University. More information can be found at the following link:

    An excerpt:

    What Are Executive Functions?
    Completing most tasks requires the successful orchestration of several types of executive function skills. Among scientists who study these functions, three dimensions are frequently highlighted: Working Memory, Inhibitory Control, and Cognitive or Mental Flexibility.1,2,3 In most real-life situations, these three functions are not entirely distinct, but, rather, they work together to produce competent executive functioning.

    Harvard - Executive Function