• Relationship Skills

     The ability to establish and maintain healthy and rewarding relationships with diverse individuals and groups. The ability to communicate clearly, listen well, cooperate with others, resist inappropriate social pressure, negotiate conflict constructively, and seek and offer help when needed. Includes: -Communication -Social engagement -Relationship building -Teamwork


    Relationship Building - family and friends


    Made For Me

    Ten, Nine, Eight by Molly Bang

    The Kissing hand by Audrey Penn

    Guess how much I love you by Sam McBratney

    I Belong by Cheri J. Meiners

    Stick and Stone by Beth Ferry

    Chester's Way by Kevin Henkes



    Family finger (change the lyrics from "how do you do" to something such as “I love you...I love you too" "I take care of you", "I listen to you", "I value you”, etc.


    We are a happy family: “I love Mommy, she loves me. We love Daddy, yessiree. They love us and so you see, we are a happy family." Add extra verses to include other family members 


    Friends Song

    The More We Get Together

    Best Friends 



     1. I Love You Rituals: from the Conscious Discipline curriculum, I Love You Rituals are playful, one-on-one interactions that build loving bonds while increasing attention span, decreasing power struggles and promoting language and literacy at school or at home. These brain-building interactions facilitate optimal development for young children and create lifelong bonds between children and adults.

    Open the link below for some printables 

    I Love You Rituals Choice Board

    Or check out these shared on the Conscious Discipline Instagram

    Bread and Butter

    Wish You Well

    Family Song

    (Last Name) Family Song


    2. Look through photo albums (or camera rolls) and talk about special memories in the past

    3. Make a book about your family now. Just fold a few papers and staple the folded edge. Discuss what each page will say and take turns illustrating the book.

    4. Connect with friends and family members on any platform available to you: phone, video chat, letters, etc. 

    5. Try to implement the Wish-you-well or Wishing-well ritual from Conscious Discipline at a regular time/day of the week. Here is a short video explanation of how to do it. And here is a printable you use as a visual for the ritual.


     Team Work



    The Group Plan

     Body in the Group

     I Help byb Cheri J. Meiners



    In The Group

    Listen With All of You


     1. Do an engineering challenge together as a family (team): 

    • use aluminum foil to build a small boat that can carry small items (like pennies) while floating in sink or bathtub                                               foil boats
    • Use toothpicks and either marshmallows, gumdrops, or pieces of playdough to make a tall/large structure 
    • Build a marble run using cardboard rolls and tape 
    • Build a bridge between two cups strong enough to hold a toy. 

    2. Play a group game:

    • Hot potato
    • Hula Hoop Pass: hold hands in a straight line and put a hula hoop (if you don't have one, try tying a sheet into a large circle) and without letting go of hands, pass the hoop from one end to the the other end of the line.
    • Orange pass: stand in a line and pass an orange from one end of the line to the other end (like to the kitchen table) without using your hands. You don't have to hold hands on this game, just keep them behind your back.
    • Down by the banks game (see this youtube video)
    • Don't let the balloon touch the floor! Just blow up a balloon and tap it back and forth. Work together to make sure it doesn't touch the floor. You can keep count every time someone hits it up and try to improve the number of hits before it gets to the floor.





    Thinking thoughts and feeling feelings

    Thinking with your eyes

    Whole Body Listening

    I Listen by Cheri J. Meiners

    I Speak Up by Cheri J. Meiners



    Listen song

    Sing your favorite children's songs or recite nursery rhymes



     1. Play the telephone game where you whisper a short phrase to someone, they whisper it to another person, and on until the last person who heard the phrase says it out loud to see how closely it approximates the original sentence.

    2. Play taboo or headbandz with a printable or an app

    3. Play "I Spy" - you can spy something by color, shape, function, etc.

     4. Try a yes-no game to teach about questions. “Are you purple?” “Can a tree talk?” Let her try asking you questions.

    5. Play a mystery game. Give clues and let your child guess. “It’s yellow. We buy it at the grocery store. You throw away the outside and eat the inside.” Add clues until she guesses “banana.” “She comes to our apartment every day. She usually leaves something. She wears a uniform.” He guesses “mail carrier.” Try reading a definition from a child’s dictionary and letting him guess the word. Turn it around. “Is a vehicle a person, a building, or a car?”

    6. Play with categories, differences, and similarities. “How is a banana different from an apple and an orange? How are they alike?”