Welcome to Mrs. Wartenbee's Class

  • Mrs. W HI LEOPARDS!!!
    Thank you for looking at my class webpage. This page will be a great place to start!
    First and foremost, I am sending my love and positive thoughts to all of my students and their families! I miss you and I am thinking about you each and every day! I encourage you to communicate with me through any platform you are comfortable with. The district is doing a great job of keeping everyone updated at a one stop place for parent resources on their website.
    A great place to start accessing student learning is through the "Student" tab on the Everett website. The "Student Tools" page will allow students to access Canvas, iReady, AR, and many other educational resources. 
    My main platform for communication is Canvas. In Canvas, I will post schedules, Zoom links, lesson plans, and make annoucements. You can access Canvas through the "Student Tools" tab on the Everett website or by clicking here
    I am here for you, so please do not hesitate to contact me anytime!  We will get through this together!

    425-385-5300 (Lowell Office)