Welcome to Mrs. Preus' Kindergarten

  • Marea Preus Welcome to Second Grade!
    My name is Marea Preus and I am so excited to be one of five great second grade teachers here at Monroe Elementary. I graduated from Western Washington University with a Fine Arts Degree in dance and in 1996 I returned to Western to receive my certification in education. I enjoy reading, going to the movies, and lounging with my kitty cats. During the summer, I love traveling the great Northwest.
    I taught kindergarten for 19 years and I am very excited on my move to second grade!  My goal as your child’s teacher is to provide a positive, caring, fun, and challenging learning environment. My job is to help each student develop skills, knowledge and attitudes necessary to become successful, lifelong learners.  I look forward to a year full of learning, growth, and development.  
    Some items worthy of note regarding how I manage my classroom are as follows:

    Second grade students have Art, PE, Music, or Library sessions each week.  The schedule will be sent home the first week of school.   

    Students should wear tennis/athletic shoes during PE. It is preferred that girls not wear dresses/skirts on PE days, but if they do, please have them wear shorts underneath.

    Backpacks: Each student should bring a standard size (no wheels) backpack to school each day for transporting notes, homework, or projects.

    Labeling: Please label backpacks, lunch boxes, and clothing with your student's full name. Students sometimes have difficulty recognizing their own belongings and it makes it easier if we can read a name on the item.

    Bus Information: If your student normally rides the bus or daycare van, and you choose to pick them up instead, please send a note or contact the office. If no communication is received, the student will follow their normal schedule.

    Communication: A monthly newsletter is sent home with information about the things going on in the classroom.

    Helpers: You are welcome to help in the classroom; however, a Volunteer Application Form needs to be on file with the district before you can volunteer. Applications are available in the office.

    Birthdays: Students will not celebrate individual birthdays during the school day with treats. Students are recognized by Mrs. Preus on their birthday with a small gift. At the end of the month, the entire class celebrate all the birthdays for that month with a special snack that day. Please do not bring treats to the class on your child’s birthday.

    Lunch: Students will have the choice of purchasing a hot lunch or bringing a cold lunch from home. Milk and juice are also available to purchase for cold lunches. Please send all lunch money in an envelope clearly marked with your child’s name, student number, and the words lunch money. You may pay in advance for several lunches with one check or online.

    Snack: There will be time towards the end of the day for each student to have a small snack. Due to food allergies, a whole class snack will not be provided. Please provide a small snack for your student to have at the end of the day.

    Parents are welcome to come and visit anytime. Please stop by the office and sign in first.

    Thank you for reading this information.  

    Marea Preus