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  • Mrs. Rue, CounselorI am Mrs. Rue, your School Counselor at Monroe Elementary (MOE)! We are home to Regal the Eagle. At Monroe we SOAR to new heights by teaching our students to be Safe, On task, Act Responsibly, and show Respect. I thoroughly enjoy working with our students, and partnering with you in your student's education.

    Our students are learning! In Kindergarten through Second Grade, our students are learning about safety when I teach our Second Step: Child Protection Unit. Third through fifth graders are learning Bullying Prevention skills when I teach the Second Step: Bullying Prevention Unit. They also learn about growth mindset, wellness, and coping skills to combat test anxiety before SBA assessments. Fifth graders use their research skills during our career lesson to explore their personal interests and potential career paths. Our students also learn throughout the year as I collaborate with teachers for need-based lessons on topics like kindness, patience, and respect. The School Counseling program at Monroe Elementary is aligned with the School Counseling standards of  Everett Public Schools and ASCA National model.   

    About me: I've worked as an education professional for over 11 years, starting as a paraprofessional and long-term substitute teacher in a high-needs school setting. In addition, I am going into my 5th year as a school counselor. Prior to working as a school counselor, I served in Crisis Management, Leadership, and Academic Counselor roles at the university level. When I am not serving students, I spend quality time with my loving family and friends. I enjoy cooking and gardening. I am honored to have the opportunity to support our students at Monroe Elementary!

    Please feel free to reach out if I can be of any support. 

    Note** I have uploaded quite a few resources to support our community during these times. I am happy to help. 😊

    Mrs. Rue
    425-385-7300 ext 7310

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