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    March 16, 2020

    Due to ongoing school closures from March 16-April 24, please refer to the Google Classroom that our Kindergarten team created. It has many resources, activities, and materials that you can use to support and enrich your child's learning from home. As we navigate this new learning format, please remember to find joy in every day. Learning happens in every environment. You, as parents, are the number one best teacher for your children! Take care of one another. 

    Please let your child know how much I am thinking of them and that they can contact me via email at any time. I know this is a challenging time, but we will get through this and learn new skills along the way. Each day, I tell the students that you can do hard things, solve problems, and not give up! I will remind myself of these lessons daily. I look forward to seeing you all soon!

    As a Kindergarten team, we are dedicated to giving your family access to materials that our students are familiar with. We are discovering many ways to provide engaging learning opportunities through our Google Classroom. Please remember, our Kindergarten Google Classroom is under the name: Ms. Burwell. 

    The link and directions for using our Google Classroom are listed below. 

    To access our Google Classroom please visit: https://classroom.google.com/

    Your child’s everett email address is 

    (student number)@apps.everettsd.org 

    Username and password is their Student ID.  

    There is also the option of using our class code: b2nj5ct to log in.

    Step by Step directions through the school website:

    Go to www.everettsd.org

    Click on tab with white letters that reads:                          


    Scroll down to click on the tab that reads:                            

    Google apps for education

    On the left side of the screen you will see Quick Links.

    Click on the picture/icon that reads:                  


    Click in the blue square the says Kindergarten 2019-2020. +Join

    It will have the name Melinda Burwell. (She is another Kindergarten teacher.)

    If prompted, you will need to enter your child’s student number (six digits).

    Last step!!!!!!

    At the top of the screen you will need to click on the blue word:


    You will find a variety of learning opportunities that align with our learning targets.

    Just click away and explore!

    Rose De Leon

    Kindergarten Teacher

    Monroe Elementary