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    March 16, 2020

    Due to the school closure March 16-April 24, please refer to the Google Classroom that our Kindergarten team set up. It has many educational resources and materials to use from home. 

    Each teacher will manage a content area. Our goal is not to overwhelm you. 

    We are dedicated to giving your family access to materials that our students are familiar with. We are discovering many ways to provide engaging learning opportunities through our Google Classroom.

    We are all available to answer questions and concerns to support you during this time. The classroom is set up under Ms. Burwell's account. 

    The email we sent out last week is provided below: 

    Google Classroom!  

    Dear families,  

    With the ongoing public health concern of Covid-19, our kindergarten team created an online resource in the event your student needs to be absent. This is also a great resource for you to use as additional practice with your student, even if they aren’t absent. Each teacher has taken on a subject matter to update as needed. You will find contact information within each section if you need support.  

    To access our Google Classroom please visit: https://classroom.google.com/

    Your child’s everett email address is 

    (student number)@apps.everettsd.org 

    Username and password is their Student ID.  

    There is also the option of using our class code: b2nj5ct to login. 

    Thank you! 

    Melinda Burwell 

    Rose Bower 

    Samantha Moody 

    Julie Johnson


    Welcome to another fantastic year! 

    I am very excited to have your student in my class this year and am looking forward to a year full of learning, growth, and development.
    I have recently taken a computer web page course and look forward to using these links as another forum to keep you informed.  
    Welcome to Room 104! My name is Julie Johnson and I am so excited to join the Monroe Elementary family. I started my teaching career by graduating from California State University of San Marcos with a Liberal Studies Degree. I spent much of my time long-term substituting until I was hired to teach the music specialist, then the music and science specialist, and then balancing the music, science, and art specialist all at once for K-5. I then moved to Washington and earned my Masters in Teaching and my certification in education from Antioch University, Seattle. I taught the second half of first grade in a long-term substitute position for first grade and then worked the last 3 years at Woodside Elementary in first grade. I’m so glad to be back at Monroe this year!

    Some of my favorite things:

    • Spending time with my family
    • Teaching and showing the world to my 2 year old daughter, Hannah.
    • Spending time with our 4 chickens and enjoying the eggs they lay for us
    • Updating our home:
    • Looking forward to a crafty nook coming soon in the garage!
    • A new deck coming in the spring with an under patio addition! Very excited.

    Classroom Nuts and Bolts

    Backpacks: Each kindergarten student should bring a standard size (no wheels) backpack to school each day for transporting notes, homework, or projects.

    Labeling: Please label backpacks, lunch boxes, and jackets/coats with your student's full name. Young children sometimes have difficulty recognizing their own belongings and it makes it easier if we can read a name on the item.

    Bus Information: If your student normally rides the bus or daycare van, and you choose to pick them up instead, please send a note or contact the office. If no communication is received, the student will follow their normal schedule.

    Communication: My intent is to send home a weekly newsletter with information about the learning in our classroom, important notices, and upcoming events.

    Helpers: You are welcome (AND WANTED!) to help in the classroom; however, all volunteers this year need to update their application with the new system. More information is available online or through the office. Big shout out to our Watchdog Program! Watchdog is a wonderful opportunity to bring in our fathers on campus to help. Natural Leaders I will be helping out as the liaison teacher for natural leaders. I encourage anyone wanting to be apart of this wonderful group to please let me or the office know. I will be new to this role and need to familiarize myself with the already wonderful people who are already involved to learn more and how to best support this program.

    Some items worthy of note regarding how I manage my classroom are as follows:

    The kindergarten students have Art, PE, Music, or Library sessions each week.  The schedule will be sent home the first week of school.   

    Students should wear tennis/athletic shoes during PE. It is preferred that girls not wear dresses/skirts on PE days, but if they do, please have them wear shorts underneath.

    Birthdays: Students will not celebrate individual birthdays during the school day with treats. Students are recognized by myself on their birthday with a small gift. At the end of the month, the entire class celebrate all the birthdays for that month with a special snack that day. Please do not bring treats to the class on your child’s birthday, however if your child would like to celebrate their actual day they may bring in a book to share or donate to the class. Summer birthdays? Don't worry! towards the end of the year we will make sure you are included as well. Because it is often asked, my birthday is September 20th. :) 

    Lunch: Full day kindergarten students will have the choice of purchasing a hot lunch or bringing a cold lunch from home. Milk and juice are also available to purchase for cold lunches. Please send all lunch money in an envelope clearly marked with your child’s name, student number, and the words lunch money. You may pay in advance for several lunches with one check or online.

    Snack: There will be time towards the end of the day for each student to have a small snack. Due to food allergies, a whole class snack will not be provided. Please provide a small snack for your student to have at the end of the day.

    Parents are welcome to come and visit anytime. Please stop by the office and sign in first.

    Thank you for reading this information.  

     Mrs. Johnson and Hannah

    Julie Johnson



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