• Debi Doyle


    June 2020

    The slogan for the Corona Pandemic seemed to be "We are all in this together." We certainly are all in this, our struggle with racism, together and maybe for once we will actually take action all together. I know action looks different for everyone so for that I offer the following.

    For those who want to do, read, think or somehow be involved in the current conversation - movement please consider the resource below. It is well organized and laid out to facilitate however much involvement you are looking for for yourself or for your family.




    We're all in this together so please reach out if there is anything you feel I may be able to help you with. If the current situation has impacted your work status, please see the below link to a Zoom class about some retraining options.  

    There also maybe useful community resources in the below links.

    I have a google class that all kids are welcome to join. The link and class code are below. The class contains some ideas for activities that may be helpful during this stay at home time.


    https://classroom.google.com/c/Njk0MTY1Mzc1NTda   class code 3z75rth

    April 12, 2020
    I decided to have a Google classroom - all are welcome. The class code is 3z75rth.  Stop by for a chat or just to let me know what you have been doing.
    Assignments for 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students.
    3rd Grade - Find your rock!
    4th Grade - Use your Dependable Strengths journal to write your strength report. Yes, you can have help from parents.
    5th Grade - IF you have access to your google account, finish your career slide show. Please share it with me so that I can edit it and communicate with you. Share it by typing Debi Doyle in the share box. Again, I understand that you can only do this IF you have access. 
    5th Grade, remember you can always "Lift Sally Up" for a little exercise break.
    All Grades - Check the Newsletter for more resources and activities. Please check back often as I will add new ideas and resources in this space.
    Debi Doyle